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Player(s) being reported: ID 81  DM/NRP
Date of interaction reported: 06/03/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1559602212

Your characters name: Michael_Reese

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Specific rule(s) broken:

9. Non-Roleplay (NRP)
Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

14. Deathmatch (DM)
Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason.
A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands.
You must give demands via text if used as a reason to attack as VOIP isn’t always heard.
The act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

I had just got into the city, and have had no interaction with this individual not only today, but ever that I am aware of. He randomly starts ramming my semi truck on the Highway with his car (NRP & DM as someone would not be ramming my semi with the vehicle he was driving and had no reason to ram me). Finally crashes into me after countless rams and gets me stuck on a rock. I then hop out of my car to see what his problem is, and he shoots me with no demands (DM). 

He does ask me going 130 KPH "Are you with the wanted". Which I didn't reply due to going 130 KPH and my loud semi. 

I had no prior interaction with this individual. 

First interaction begins at 3:50 in Video #1 where I am rammed repeatedly and he tries to drive his car in front of my semi to stop it.

Side Note:
The section of me speaking in the first video is me on the phone with my Wife, my kids just took their driving exams and were talking to me on the phone while I was playing. My apologies for the annoying conversation.

Evidence of rule breach:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

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Hello and thank you for making this player report.

The following people have 24 HRS to respond:

  • Jeffery_Smith @XelaXD ID 81 - Why did you ram the Semi truck with a Schafter / Schafter V12? Are you aware that ramming with a sports car is Non-RP? Why did you kill Michael_Reese without ANY engagement in RP? That is classified as deathmatching.

Thank you for your time. We request all parties to remain civil, and not respond further unless asked to by Eclipse Staff.





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Hello, and thank you for remaining patient. Sorry for the delay! After extensively reviewing the evidence provided to us by the reporting party, @Xypint and myself have decided to conclude this report.

Player Jeffery_Smith will receive a punishment for Deathmatch | Offense #3.                                                                                                                                                   Player Jeffery_Smith will receive a Non-Roleplay punishment | Offense #3.   

First and foremost, we would like to address the punishment of Deathmatch and the reasoning behind it. The issues that arise with this situation is that you attacked and rammed the semi truck of the reporting party with no roleplay engagement or valid roleplay reason having been established prior. Yelling “Are you with the wanted” from one car to another while traveling at extremely high speeds is not classified as roleplay engagement and certainly not something that warrants ramming or killing another player for. In addition to this, it can be seen that you ram the semi truck of the reporting party up to a point where he crashed and comes to a complete stop - and as the reporting party exits the vehicle you shoot him down with no roleplay engagement having been established prior and all for seemingly no valid roleplay reason. Killing without roleplay is classified as Deathmatching and will not be tolerated. In the future, please only kill if necessary, and always initiate it with roleplay.

Secondly, we would like to address the punishment of Non-Roleplay and the reasoning behind it. The staff team at Eclipse Roleplay has made it amply clear that ramming a heavy vehicle or ramming at all with a sports vehicle or expensive vehicle is not tolerable, and falls under non-roleplay as per the server rulebook. If you need to slow down another vehicle and you are in a sports vehicle, there are other ways to do that. Ramming it would definitely be one of the incorrect ways.

As players of Eclipse Roleplay we should all strive to provide the highest quality of roleplay with any player(s) that we encounter, and the roleplay displayed by you is inexcusable and arguably very poor. Please take these punishments as an opportunity to reflect on your actions, and making sure that moving forward you do so in a way where this is not repeated.

Thank you for making this report! @Brawnkoh

Report is accepted and archived.

Kind regards,

@Xypint & Dqniel.

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