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YouAreAwesome18 - Tyrannodale Bronson - Ban Appeal

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Account name: YouAreAwesome18
Character name(s): Tyrannodale Bronson

Admin who issued punishment: Mickeyyy    
Date of punishment: 16/4/2019 
Punishment received: Permanent Ban

Reason given for punishment: Hacking

Your explanation of what happened:
I used a software that allows me to put a dot in the center of the screen and thus giving me an unfair advantage in comparison to other people 

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
I didn't mean to keep on using the software for more than just that day, I had just found out about it and was surprised it worked, but I knew it was wrong and I posted that video with the intentions of making sure the other players had broken the rules before posting a report, the original dot was covering the dot in the video so I didn't notice it, when I realized that it was also in the video, I decided to keep the video up, as I had broken the rules I expected and knew I should be punished for it, even tho I never expected a perma ban because I didn't know this is considered hacking, I understand it, but not being able to play in a game where it feels like I actually achieved something breaks my heart, and because I really wanted to help this community with the quizzes and so on, having this record on my account is already a big punishment for me as I'll never be able to do accomplish that. I´ve learned from this, and I'll never use it again and although that can't be checked, I pledge it, from all the pain this caused, for the sake of rp and the server rules, it won´t happen and I'm sorry that it did.

The reason behind looking for the program itself in the first place is rather personal, if needed I would prefer it being answered privately

It has now been a bit over a month since I posted the ban appeal as requested, but my feeling is still very much the same, I'm disappointed with myself for what I did and I understand this is a serious offense, but I would be extremely thankful if I got another chance.

Thanks for your time

Post any evidence or further details:N/A

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Hello, thank you for appealing.

We do not take these offenses lightly. It falls under CHEATING as you gain an unfair advantage over other players. It was explicitly mentioned in the announcement when we removed crosshairs that we ask our players not to play unfair and respect the change. After speaking to one of the founders, they've asked that we do not consider these appeals. 

Good luck with your future endeavors,

- Osborn.

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