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[2.4.0] [2019-05-19] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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On 5/19/2019 at 4:14 PM, NBDY said:

1. Introducing - The Mining Job


Located in the Great Chaparral of Blaine County, is the once Abandoned Mine Shaft. You grab the mining job from the outside and then proceed to press E on veins to begin mining. Each ore takes up 10 volume of your inventory, and there are 5 different ores to choose from, each comes with a different value (Tin - Copper - Lead - Iron - Bauxite)

Once you have the ores that you want, you need to head over to the foundry in the Industrial Site of Los Santos and simply drop the ores inside the drop off point, which will then give you money. The system is very much like the drug selling points, the amount you get depends on the demand.

Animated GIFU3b8p1n.png






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