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Basic Trainee Guide

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1. When approaching a customer ask them something along the lines of "Does anyone need help" or something that lets people know you are able to service them. 

2. When ready to send an invoice the vehicle must be selected first with CTRL + X so you are able to properly service the car.

3. After you've selected the vehicle and the customer has told you if they need a Visual Repair (/mechoffer 2 (labour)) or mods (/mechoffer 0 (labour))

/me Sends the customer an invoice using his/her PDA

/do would they sign?

After using your /me's and /do's you can then actually send the invoice using the script:

Visual Repairs: /mechoffer 2 350

Vehicle Mods: /mechoffer 0 (15% of the total you can see the total price by typing /modview)

(Online calculators can be used if needed. Google works by typing "15% of (total)" or a website like https://www.dollartimes.com/calculate/percentage/15.0 will work.)

DCC, Weazel, LSC, and Bayview employees do not have to pay labour.

4. After you have sent the invoice and they have replied with a /do they should /mechaccept. You will receive a message where you can then take the vehicle inside the garage to service it,

5. Make sure you have checked what parts the customer ordered by using /modview while sitting in the vehicle. 

6. To actually service the car use the command /mechservice while near the vehicle, but before you do this RP is required. Depending on the mods ordered or the damage to the car you can RP it differently. For example, if the car has some scratches you can use a buffer to fix them, or if the tires are popped you can place the car on the lift and replace the tires. 

Depending on the mods ordered the script can take significantly more time, so make sure you take this into account and start the script soon enough so you don't stand around having already finished your RP.

7. Once the /mechservice script and your RP is done you can drive the car back out to the customer. 


Extra Information:

  1. We have two gates that are meant to be used when the shop is closed, make sure to always close it if you're the last one going off duty,
  2. Sometimes the customers will not see the changes, if this happens, tell them in /OOC chat to type /modview inside the vehicle. Doing this should reset it and allow them to see the changes.
  3. You are allowed to work on your own vehicle as long as no customers are around.
  4. Customers are not allowed inside the garage or in the back lot. If you see this please tell them to head back into the front area.
  5. Do not go AFK on duty, if you need to leave please quickly go off duty inside the garage.
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