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Front Yard Ballas

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Tyrone no longer seeing the benefit of an all out war with Zetas, sought out the council. Tyrone apologised for his recent wrong doings. Starting from scratch, Tyrone expected no special treatment from the council. He expected his consequences be harsh. Tyrone contacted Vince from the Triads their once good friends


Vince told them, their first steps were getting back to repping their colours. Tyrone took this very seriously as he plans to mend his previous mistakes. 


Purp Surp

Tyrone, gives the command that the colors are back on. 

No Matter What

The Balla Boys head down to Bayview and repaint the rides. 



Zetas Persist

Zetas stay persistent in their attacks against Ballas. Tyrone meets with some old friends, Misfits. They tell them the council are also hitting them, aswell as Rooks and VorypzabT5R.png

It was becoming increasingly clear the councils intention. 

Wipe the Weak

Ballas, a hidden beast with a fatal pounce was ready to defend itself at all costs. 

"Ballas dead when WE ALL DEAD"


Reunited with Rooks

Its almost as if fate wants Ballas & Rooks to be best friends. Once again, they are pitted against an enemy that seems resultant. They agree, it is in their best interest to stay friends and closely work with each other to protect their interests. 


Rooks tell Ballas some disturbing things. NLA and WCA had also joined the fight against them. Tyrone confused and saddened at the idea they might be pitted against their once great friends, NLA. Tyrone attempted to reach out to NLA but it deemed useless as there was no reply.

Tyrone thought 

"I gotta live with the reality, not the fantasy"

A once unbreakable bond Ballas, NLA and Misfits is threatened to be shambled.


Command Meeting 

With what was left of the high-command, Tyrone calls a small but necessary emergency meeting. Tyrone explains the steps they must take to re-emerge from the underground. Tyrone explains they must attempt to rebuild their relationship with the council. 


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2 minutes ago, WobblierDog15 said:

Makes me sad to see this faction slowly fade away, a lot of work was put into it and I hope you guys are able to regrow!

We aren't going anywhere no need to worry! We are currently RPing struggling times which suits our situation right now.  Thank you for the kind words. 💜

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Loyal Blood

Ballas reassembles. Word spreads Los Santos Ballas still be Ballin. Tyrone received calls on calls from previous Ballas who had split off into Hoover Crips. Ballas never split, they organised into a puppet gang which was ultimately controlled by Ballas. Word was spreading on the street Ballas are growing again. 

Ballas is 4 Lyfe





"Lambo" & "Kyro


"Larry" & "John"






Mexican Might 

Ballas, being very close to the Mexicans made sure to update them on their situation. Tyrone reassured NLA that even though they had been closely working with The Rooks, their enemy. They would like to keep their friendly stance towards NLA staying out of their beef and not interfering. NLA voiced their pleasure in our decision and the friendship grows stronger. 


New Friends

Tyrone notices what looks like a new Street Gang in town. Tyrone approaches one of these people who look like they are reppin a new gang. Tyrone asks who they are. 

18 Street

Tyrone is excited at the potential and looks forward to seeing how they grow in the future. 


Balla Turf

Ballas does a patrol on its turf to make sure they aren't any other flags on our streets. Its all clear and Ballas holds strong its claim to the Grove Street area. 


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On 5/9/2019 at 4:49 AM, Gavineo said:

‣ Obtain contacts to be able to import heavy weaponry.

‣ Take control of Headquarters near Grove Street.

‣ Train members to raise the threshold on criminal roleplay.

‣ Become one of the biggest factions in Los Santos while keeping quality roleplay.



On 5/9/2019 at 4:49 AM, Gavineo said:

Ballas was wiped in the current state of the city. Spread thin two separate Balla sets came together and attempted to reform Ballas to its former glory. With Grove Street Families laid claim to Grove the 4 set leaders hat met up. Grove, arrogant about their position never could have imagined the formation of FYB. Tyrone, Leon, Adriana and Stephania all met at a discrete location. An agreement was struck and Front Yard Ballas was born. The city was about to witness the resurgence of the greatest street gang. 

FYB started recruiting new blood and they planned attacks on Grove Street Families. The first attack was successful and saw several leading figured of the family dead. The family crumbled after and it was not much of a fight. Ballas, the victors and new tenants at the Grove Street. Word had spread Los Santos. Ballas Back. Ballas sought out other like-minded individuals and the Balla boys grew stronger. 

With the resurgence of Ballas, it had drawn in a lot of attention. Amongst those were a group of criminal organisations that went by "The Council" which had consisted of the Irish Mob, Los Zetas and The Clowns. They had requested a gang meetup with the head ballas. Ballas accepted and an agreement was struck, Ballas would stay natural with the council while assisting them in their endeavours. A few months passed and Ballas was in full swing. Racketeering, drug trafficking, selling on the streets as well as making friends along the way. 

A new system was rumoured and a civil war broke out between the council. The Irish Mob had declared war on The Clowns. Supposed to be a 1v1, Irish broke the agreement and Wanted became involved. Due to this, Los Zetas stepped in and assisted The Clowns. Ballas, had decided not to pick sides as this war had nothing to do with them. The Clowns has told Ballas we owe them 500,000 dollars every month. This was unacceptable and Ballas declared war on The Clowns. 

It did not last long and the clowns disbanded, The war ended with Wanted pulling out and Irish reforming into the now Rooks. Tyrone had friends in Irish who flew out of town or switched over to The Rooks. Tyrone, contacting his old Irish friends set up a deal with The Rooks with a new gang who had come into town. Seaweed. Ballas, became close friends and formed an alliance with seaweed. Ballas, Rooks and Seaweed agreed we would help each other if in-need. 

With the new state of criminal activity in the city, a new council was formed. Zetas and Triads who would grow to become close friends. Ballas disconnected from the council while it rebuilt itself thrived for years to come. There was an incident with the Police and Grove had become heavily suppressed by police brutality. The leaders of Ballas imprisoned with lack-lustre evidence saw Ballas go into the shadows. 

Ballas watched by as their close friends Seaweed were pummelled into the ground by the new council. There was nothing that could have been done. Tyrone, Leon, Adriana and Stephania finished their long sentence. The state of the city had changed entirely. The rise of new gangs such as Novo Los Aztecas, West Coast Assassins, Misfits, The Vory Mafia and The Russian Mafia had risen. Ballas had no standings with these gangs so they reached out. 

Ballas struck a friendship with Novo Los Aztecas and Misfits. A friendship that would prove to be something truly unique. Ballas agreed on naturality with WCA and had agreed to help in the fight against the Russians. NLA had invited Ballas to hunt Vory with them, Ballas accepted to help their new found best friends. Unknowingly Ballas had just entered into a bloody war that would see the killings of many of their dear friends and blood. Vory had called in their friends, WCA who Ballas had agreed naturality with. Ballas, NLA and Misfits confused as to why they had entered did not question. 

A bloody war took place over several months and word was given to Tyrone by the council that if we stayed in the war, the council was going to hit all of us. Tyrone sought peace with WCA after this news and they had struck an agreement. Ballas, pulled out and there was tension as to why Ballas did this with NLA and Misfits. It had damaged their friendship which would be a wound for a long time. Ballas and Misfits had a small rivalry after this but ultimately was squashed. 

Misfits exited the war and it was NLA v WCA & Vory. The council declared war on Vory and it became NLA v WCA for the most part. It was a bloody war for both of them in which we respected. Ballas, secretly had full support of NLA and voiced their support for them. After several months of war the council intervened and said it was time to end the war between them. A big meetup with all the gangs was called and it ended up being a lecture for NLA and WCA. 

Their war ended and Ballas voiced their congratulations to NLA. Shortly after a new tax was introduced. The "Drug Tax" which only saw a few months. Ballas struggling with police constantly arresting them for clear racial discrimination struggled. The law was clamping down hard on them and Ballas voiced their opinion to the council. What was supposed to be an informative meeting turned into a bloody war between Ballas and Zetas. It was short and Zetas did not consider it a war. After this, the council scrapped taxes altogether and started hitting everyone but NLA and WCA. 

Ballas had made contact with Misfits and Rooks and talked about this. Ballas, wanted to win back the approval of the council and tries to remain natural in a time where it does not seem possible. Ballas, rebuilding from its war with Zetas is looking to grow bigger than it ever has before. Become a power house within the city to be reckoned with. 





On 5/9/2019 at 4:49 AM, Gavineo said:


Ballas has held its grasp onto Grove Street. Surviving multiple huge wars, Ballas has proven to be a force that will not be relinquished. Ballas is currently a small group of hood rats with dreams of going big. They are in the process of refurbishing an old warehouse which will be turned into a facility in which Ballas would hang out and do illegal activities. Ballas mass-racketeers and partakes in major drug trafficking while dodging law enforcement.



On 5/9/2019 at 4:52 AM, Gavineo said:


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Leon Looking into the distance, thinking on how he can help Tyrone bring Ballas to its original state.


After thinking about it for a bit he walks over to see a clean non-sprayed wall. Looking at the clean slate it reminds him that Ballas isn't the same anymore we are kinda like the wall "A clean slate". To pay respects to the old members of Ballas Leon shakes his spray-paint can and starts spraying.




Once a Balla always a Balla.


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