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Los Santos Customs Handbook

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★ Introduction★

This handbook is for the mechanic faction, Los Santos Customs. Instructional materials are carried over from previous editions, with policy directives by Indy Marcello. This handbook outlines major LSC operational policies, as well as codes of conduct for extant employees. It is expected that new employees will familiarize themselves with these rules as appropriate, and current mechanics will update their understanding accordingly.

★ Table Content★

This is the table content for the handbook of the mechanic workshop of Los Santos Customs located at Carcer Way number 1. Directed by Indy Marcello and edited by the management team.

(If you are on PC, You can click on it and it takes you to the page)

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★ History★

LSC started in a small garage located in Blaine County in 1987. Since then, Los Santos Customs has managed to expand and work its way into the heart of Los Santos. LSC had and will always have the best reputation for reliable car services. Our commitment to helping customers realize their vision for their vehicles in a convenient, friendly, and knowledgeable manner remains our strongest selling point moving forward.

★ Recruitment★

In order to apply to become a mechanic at the LSC, applicants must pass the recruitment process. The first step is to submit an application via email (Google Forms) and then pass an interview with a member of our management department. The format for the application can be found under the Application section of our website (Forums) or by using the following link: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/32-recruitment-applications/ 
Mechanics should communicate this to any applicants who appear to meet our requirements of residency and non-criminal background.

★ Goals and Guidelines★

The Mechanic Service is entrusted by the City of Los Santos to keep the streets clean of abandoned vehicles and to provide fast, reliable, and professional service to all citizens of Los Santos. Any organization can contact us for service contracts for necessary car maintenance. As our price sheets indicate, towing for law enforcement purposes is done for free, while services rendered to individuals will come at some labor cost.

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★ Ranks Explanation★

★ Chain of Command★

The list below is the official chain of command (CoC) at LSC. This is where you can find who you should raise concerns with depending on your current status within the company. It is expected that you do not jump to the top of the CoC but rather progress your concerns through it in order to alleviate workload and stress on the high command. Mechanic trainees through to Mechanics should raise their concerns with team-leaders then the CoC continues per rank.

★ High Command★

High Command is responsible for all major policy changes, handbook changes, and enforcing rules and duties upon the management team. The high command should only be reached for issues if it relates to things that management is not capable of fixing. They are also responsible for making sure that management follows proper logging guidelines for promotions, demotions, and dismissals. High Command is the only 3 ranks that are able to approve the dismissal of an employee.

★ Owner★

The Owner is responsible for all policy-level decisions, as well as making final decisions on promotions, demotions, and dismissals. The Owner is the last rank within the chain of command that should be reached only when nobody else is able to resolve the situation or issue. The Owner is responsible for enforcing policies and enforcing that High Command performs duties required of them.

★ Managers★

The manager(s) is responsible for monitoring the operation's capacity of LSC, including the quality of training for vehicle maintenance, customer service, Roadside Certification procedures, and implementation of regulations. These concerns and successes should be relayed to the Owner, along with feedback for improving perceived issues. The Manager is the 2nd to the last rank in the chain of command.

★ Management★

Management is required to enforce policy changes as well as current standing policies upon the mechanic ranks. Handling all employee reports in regards to policy breaks, policy changes, and other suggestions. In charge of enforcing policies upon all Mechanic ranks as well as pushing for higher quality work and professionalism. In charge of interviewing and training all new mechanics at LSC. 

★ Human Resources★

The Human Resources Officer is in charge of all applications to become an employee at LSC. Human Resources is required to work hand in hand with High Command with handbook rewriting as well as updating policy changes if needed. They also do most of the interviews and accept new applicants to LSC. They also manage LSC Contracts for the owner and handle promotions alongside the owner and managers.

★ Supervisors★

Supervisors are responsible for overseeing all everyday operations at LSC. Enforcing LSC policies and other rules that are in place. Are responsible for organizing and setting the time for the management meetings that are to happen once a week. In charge of hosting and speaking at the management meetings to go over employee promotions/ demotions, as well as possible policy changes. Able to give up to suspensions. 

★ Team-Leaders★

Team-Leaders work alongside Supervisors. Their main job is to maintain the workflow. They perform weekly background checks And give the list to the owner of upcoming promotions every weekend. They issue warnings when need too. 

★ Normal Ranks★

  • Lead Mechanic
  • Senior Mechanic
  • Mechanic
  • Roadside Mechanic
  • Roadside Worker
  • Roadside Trainee
  • Junior Mechanic
  • Mechanic-Trainee

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★ Vehicles★

Tow-truck (Small)
Utility Truck (Small)


★ Important Tips as a Mechanic★

  • Diagnose: the vehicle and the problem or ask the driver what is wrong.

  • Check the price: list exactly what it will cost for the customer and tell him what he needs to pay.

  • Negotiating: You may give a lower price than listed, but not more.

  • Repairs & Modifications: must be done inside of the Garage. A mechanic must drive the car inside, not the customer.

  • Road Etiquette: Tandem tow patrols are allowed by Lead Mechanics Or Higher. In the event of a mech request only requiring roadside assistance without a tow), then use the Utility Truck.

  • Excessive “paycheck farming” will be punished. Employees are not allowed to stay at the workshop and ignore other mechanic events (like regular vehicle repair or mechanic request). 

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★ LOA Request★

Any absence of three (2) days or greater requires a Leave-of-Absence (LOA) Requested from a manager (the LOA form on the Forums will only be filled out if a LOA has been accepted). Any non-accepted LOA’s will be deleted. Once submitted, it will only be considered valid after HR or High Command has been made aware and approved it. LOA Requests may be subject to further inquiry and review before approval. All LOA’s need to be requested 7 days prior to the first day of inactivity, failure to do so will result in a strike against you. Some situations may be accepted for LOA’s requested shorter than 7 days (upon approval of Management).
Use the following link to fill in a LOA Request: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Eqs6anmDUtqAOO0lqUwalcrBT7pSGOsfx-Py-OAJzrI/edit#responses

★ Resignations★

Employees are expected to give as much notice as possible in their resignations. Obviously, sometimes events and life changes come up which entirely disable your access to ECRP; in these cases, notice is not always possible. However, if you will be continuing to play on ECRP, giving significant notice to management, as appropriate, is expected; this notice should be placed in the #resignations channel. Failure to do so could injure LSC’s ability to give a positive job referral for your future endeavors.

★ Criminal Records and Employment★

Applicants may not have been charged with a Felony within the last 1 year ((3 months OOC)) and felons will be placed on disciplinary probation for their time at LSC. Current employees will be dismissed if charged with a felony by LSPD. ((OOC punishments, disbursed by the Admin team, may also be cause for dismissal as they impede our RP standards))

★ Strikes System★

LSC uses a modified “three-strike” system for adding customers to the Banned list ((accessible in the #banned Discord channel)). Minor offenses (such as damaging vehicles deliberately or uncouth behavior) will add 1 point to the offender’s tally; one point earns them a temporary ((12 hrs OOC)) ban from premises and services. The second ban is longer ((24 hrs OOC)), with the third being permanent, until further notice is given. Serious offenses (violent acts against employees, or actions which inflict bodily harm unnecessarily on customers) will lead immediately to a third-tier ban.

★ Parking Regulation★

Employees are not to park anywhere but in the designated employee parking upstairs, and the display area on the ground level. Over-night parking is not allowed and parking while off-duty in employee parking is not allowed. (check our rulebook)

Employee Parking:
Customer Parking:
Garage/High Command Parking
(Co-Owner changed to Managers)

★ Price List★

★ Workshop Prices★

  • Prices for modifications15% of the total price                                                                                                                                                                                                     Minimum price for modification is 200$
  • Prices for repairs: Price for repair is 500$

★Roadside Prices★

  • Prices for repairs: 1250$ in Los Santos City
                                2000$ out of Los Santos City
  • Prices for towing750$ in Los Santos City
                                1500$ out of Los Santos

NOTE: Weazelnews, LSC Employees, Bayview and DCC don't have to pay for labour service!

★Radio Codes★

10-1: ROLL CALL - When a team leader+ uses 10-1 everyone will do a radio check. (tow truckers give their 10-8/10-9 + 10-21)
10-2: GOING TO - Used to say to what location you are moving to. (Example: 10-2 bank)
10-3: ARRIVED AT - Used when you arrive at your destination.
10-4: AFFIRMATIVE - A statement or request is being affirmed.
10-5: REPEAT TRANSMISSION - An individual is asked to repeat the last given transmission. 
10-6: DISREGARD LAST TRANSMISSION - An individual is asked to disregard the last given transmission. 
10-8: AVAILABLE - currently or now available for duty or Mechanic Requests.
10-9: UNAVAILABLE - currently or now busy and not available for duty or mechanic request. (used when going AFK for max 5 minutes or when on a scene)
10-20: LOCATION - Give your current location.
10-21: REPORT STATUS - Report your status and location
10-99: CONCLUDED SITUATION - Situation / Mech-request has been concluded. (mostly used as a follow up)
CODE 1: PANIC ALARM - used in life or death situations. all mechanics who are able to respond and save the life of your fellow employee.

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