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Magnus Phenix Ban appeal

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Account name: LividTurnip
Character name: Magnus Phenix

Admin who issued punishment: Anti-cheat
Date of punishment: 19/10/2018
Punishment received: Permaban

Reason given for punishment: "Hacks"

Your explanation of what happened:

To be honest It has been so long at this point i don't really remember but anything that happened will not be happening again.

I am not trying to play down anything that i may have done i do take this serious but i do not remember.


Why should your appeal be accepted?:

I have been banned for six months.

I really want to get back to roleplaying as i know eclipse has a solid player base and is a well rounded/stable rp server which i want to be a part of once again.

I will follow any and every rule as closely as possible. ( I have reread the rules  )

I am looking to show that i am a good roleplayer that just wants to get back into the fun.

if there is anything i can do to show i truly mean what i am saying then let me know.

Thank you for your time.

Magnus Phenix.

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