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NicklasEldal - Nick Hyllesang (fail-RP appeal)

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Account name: NicklasEldal

Character name(s): Nick Hyllesang

Admin who issued punishment: fa1N

Date of punishment: 15/Apr/2019 20:34

Punishment received: 20 minutes in jail

Reason given for punishment: Ban says Fail RP and im not exctly sure why Your explanation of what happened: was about to go in and check my ticket count in the policedepartment on my bike, game lags like insane and i went from the parkinglot to the inside of police
department, a police officer came and aimed a gun at me so i got off and he told me to remove my mask and the game still glitched. he kept asking me to remove my mask
which it apparently didnt do. i didnt really have any time to do anything other than asking the officer in a private message if it was gone cause he kept asking
for its removal, and i got banned.

Why should your appeal be accepted?
well im not sure what im banned for to be completely honest, it obviously wasnt a rp scenario what so ever, and i didnt evne talk/write to anyone. it was a bit of glitching and a ban before i
could even respond. i think the "rp" scenario should be voided since it had nothing to do with anything other than shitglitches...

Post any evidence or further details:


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Hey and thanks for making this appeal.

You weren't punished for the mask. You were punished for driving a motorcycle inside Police precinct.

I recommend for punishment to stay as I don't think you realise what you did wrong and how that qualifies as Non RP.


Pending review from Senior Administrator + : @BallinByNature  @ChuckM @FatherOsborn @Lewis.




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ok i guess thats just how its going to be sadly 😕 its a shame it had to end up like that considering how much effort ive tried to put into the server in terms of how i played. and also the amount of time spend there. i put up with a few rollbacks and glitches, that i didnt hold against you or the server  even though it affected me in a negative way, and continued to rp on. thanks for a lot of fun and a great community and hope to come back some other time, but for now it feels too easy to get a ban, when so many out there purposely neglect to rp at all, still plays on. best regards, Nick

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Yes i know im not banned but with two offences on my records i feel that its just a matter of time. playing perfect rp isnt always easy and everyone is bound to end up in a scenario where they screw it up

and gets reported. investing more time into the server with the prospect of a ban luring just around the corner makes the playing experience much less fun. i have tried to loon for answers on how many offences a account can tolerate before being terminated, and i havnt found answers to it, so if you’ve got time to explain me it would be much appriciated, how close am i to a permban, and will they ever get outdated? if im going to play for a year or two i would hate it, that a unfortunate scenario later down the line, say a couple months, got me perma banned.

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