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Thanks to everyone for the love and support! This is only a stepping stone for bigger and greater things so stay tuned 🙂



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The wars between the council, Seaweed and Los Calaveras had been wrapped up. As predicted from
the neutral parties, the council had reigned superior leaving those on the opposing side lost
and ridden with shell shock. One of those lost individuals who had parted from Seaweed for 
various reasons was a man named Nico Sainz, a kid who appeared to have infinite potential 
in the beginning. He was vouched for, tested thoroughly and brought into the family with 
open arms after proving himself. While he had very similar interests and got along with 
the crew, little did he know that The Wanted had soon learned about something that would 
change their perception of him indefinitely.



The Wanted had met with Seaweed OG's and a couple of council members who all came forward with
information regarding something Nico couldn't hide forever... his past. While The Wanted had
been told by Nico that he left on good terms that was far from reality. He had backstabbed
those he called his brothers and worked as an informant for self gain. The Wanted were left
furious, looking back at the good times with Seaweed before their downfall that Nico had most
definitely contributed to. He had to go.




Nico had been growing on Jamaar, making the deed far more difficult than any other brutal act he 
had to go through with to protect his people. The time had come and everyone was in position.
Jamaar lined everyone up, pointing his SMG to Nico's back and ordering him onto his knees
before ripping the mask off of his face...






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Kage Enfer


Marcus Jenkins. This man came into Los Santos without knowing what to expect. Him, and his sister, Beth Fye arrived at close to the same time.

Marcus did not know about his sister's presence in LS. In fact, he was feeling rather lost and alone for the first few weeks, wondering if moving into this city was a mistake. That's when it happened. 

Marcus was approached by a mysterious man who referred to himself as The Prophet. This man had 10 men by his side, and requested that Marcus joined his cause. The Blood Brotherhood. Marcus did not hesitate to get rid of the loneliness, and feelings of despair with a new cause and family. In fact, he jumped at the opportunity. The Blood Brotherhood was a cult, secret and organized. They vowed to do no harm to those who did not deserve harm upon them, and to stand by one another no matter what. To this day Marcus stands by that vow. A few weeks into his recruitment, Marcus was invited to meet a new prospect. Beth Fye. To his surprise, it was his sister! They quickly rebuilt their bond that was lost due to their long history, and were inseparable. Beth and Marcus quickly climbed the ranks of The Blood Brotherhood with their immense dedication. Marcus' feelings of regret were gone, and he could not have been happier about being in this city with his own blood. 





However, this did not last much longer. Beth had received word that their brother, Elijah, was on his way to LS after hearing of the two. Marcus, filled with rage decided to leave the city, as he has held a horrible grudge over his brother over something he had done in the past that Marcus refused to let go.

After months, Marcus finally decided to return to Los Santos, whether his brother was there or not. But to his surprise, a lot had changed. The Blood Brotherhood's flame of hope in the city was close to being extinguished. Beth had left them, legally changing her name to Kiara. Marcus was baffled by how things had turned out while he was away, and unfortunately it was too late for him to return to his old ties. He felt, once again, lost, lonely, and abandoned. 

Kiara had decided to join Los Zetas, Los Santos' most notorious, and heavily armed street gang. They were mighty and vicious, and treated any threat with no mercy. Kiara did not wish to sever ties with him. In fact she desired nothing more than to be just his sister, she offered him a place with her in Los Zetas, telling him that he would be able to join in the ranks if he dedicated himself. However, that is not what Marcus desired.


He had heard word of a peculiar group in Los Santos. A street racing crew, that went by the name of The Wanted. To his surprise, Kiara had spent some time within their ranks, even if not for long. She decided to respect his wishes. The look in Marcus' eyes when speaking of what he has heard of The Wanted was like nothing she had ever seen before, he was truly excited, and mesmerised by these rumours and stories. Seeing that this is what would make her brother truly happy, Kiara made a few phone calls, and was finally able to get Marcus into contact with a reputable Wanted member. Clutch. Kiara trusted clutch with her life, and she had no doubt that he felt the same. Under her recommendation, and some testing, Clutch did not hesitate to welcome Marcus to the family, and oh what a family it was. Moved by this opportunity to start over, Marcus decided that a new name would be appropriate. To erase his past ties and memories, starting anew with a new family. Marcus Jenkins was now Kage!

Kage was welcomed with open arms into The Wanted, as a Buster. He felt something he had not felt in a long time. That warm, cozy feeling of being surrounded by people who truly cared about him. People who would go through hell to help him, and he felt the same towards every single one of them. Kage and his sister were far from what they were when they came into the city. 



Kage was met by racing, encouragement, improvement, and a family. This was the beginning of his adventures in Los Santos. Unexpectedly, Kiara decided that the Jenkins name was no longer a fit for her life in Los Santos, while Kage still clinged to it as he was taught to. Kiara Jenkins became Kiara Western. She was adopted by a man within Los Zetas that meant a great deal to her. Her relationship with Kage slowly faded, but never disappeared. Kiara soon after, suffered great losses, which resulted in her, like Kage, requiring a new beginning. The woman who was once Beth Fye, was now Abigail Blackwood. Respected within Los Santos by many, and feared by even more. Kage decided that after a few months, the Jenkins name did not mean what it used to. He was saddened by this undeniable fact. Again, he required a new name to engrave his legacy onto. This is how Abigail Blackwood and Kage Enfer came to be. And to this day, a very long time later, Kage was still within The Wanted, in his prime, surrounded by his loved ones.




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                           Hakan Demirci




When Hakan had arrived to the city of Los Santos, the first thing he did was to look for a gang. His ambitions were simple, become known and obtain a good reputation in the criminal underworld. Due to his father being the leader of a vicious and unforgiving clan of turkish descend that rules the streets in Berlin, Germany, Hakan grew up with a strong feeling for loyalty and commitment, since those qualities were held above everything else and beat  into the clan's minors.

The first gang Hakan had joined, were the Marcello Family. There he learned the rules and tricks of Los Santos' underworld. He learned how to process drugs, steal cars and use weapons of all kinds.

He began meeting a lot of new people and began making himself a name.

But something about this felt wrong to him, he’d barely meet the leadership anymore and finally, when one of his best friends within the Marcellos left the gang, he saw that the family he had dedicated his whole life in Los Santos to, was about to go down.

He was out of the game. Due to the Marcello family maintaining a hostile relationship with the counsil, he knew he would have a hard time joining any of the major gangs. He and the friends that had left with him began rolling around in their own little group.

After a couple of days one of his friends said he knew a guy, a guy that could recruit them and let them be a part of the gangworld again. That guys name was Clutch. Hakan had a good feeling about this, this would not feel wrong, this would be better. Hakan didn’t know that day, but this guy, Clutch, would become one of his closest friends and most trusted friends in Los Santos.





Thanks to Clutch, Hakan had a reason to continue living in Los Santos again. The reason was his new family, The Wanted. He dressed in the proper colours and painted his car. The orange really did make him feel alive, his car seemed stronger, wilder, eager to conquer the streets of Los fucking Santos. He smiled, knowing he just made a huge leap towards his goals in life.



  Even though racing had never played a big role in Hakans life, except for escaping from the police, he felt welcomed and appreciated within the gang.

The next weeks were just perfect, he rolled with his gang, met a lot of men and women from the council gangs and finally had a chance to get to know them without weapons out. He made a lot of friends and usefull aquintances. Everything was going fine when suddenly he received a call from his hometown Berlin, asking him to return to Germany. Heavy    hearted he had to leave Los Santos. When Clutch dropped him of at the airport, Hakan was sure he’d never set foot into Los Santos again, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. A couple of weeks had passed when he returned and was welcomed back as if he had never left. Again he thought himself that he had made the right choice joining this gang.



               Hakan promised himself to protect The Wanted from what happened to his prior family and to stay                                                          loyal to his leaders untill he'd breathe his last breath.


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With new found recognition from the Cartels overseas, this left The Wanted with easy and cheap
access to heavy weaponry. Word quickly got around about The Wanted entering the weapons trade
resulting in many business opportunities arising from various individuals and groups alike.
Upon discussing the pricing and terms with the council, bulk import agreements were decided 
upon and other members of The Wanted worked on expanding their own clientele to build up 
monetary gain independently.







The week had been busy and exciting. In honor of the group's achievement an impromptu street race
tournament was held at The Wanted Reup track. Fifteen participants competing for a quick cash
prize with the two runner ups being awarded lower increments.









The Elegy Retro Custom was the hot pick for the selected track. Those who brought them to the starting
line dominated, leaving the final race with four Elegys to battle it out.




The participants zoomed past the finish line, securing both their positions and prizes. Our top three
winners for this event was Edward Wayne securing third place, Deakin Storm securing second place, and The
Wanted's own Draven Vaspucci securing the first place prize. Thank you to everyone who came out
to participate. Many more to be planned in the future.




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