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New cars and Modifications

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Hey Eclipse Community!

I have been thinking of suggesting new cars and modifications for the server and I gathered information about the best ones. No cars have been added to the server since I joined and I believe there must be more things to spend on.

- Jester Classic



Why not? I mean this car has everything and it is perfect in its every section! What is more, it is one of the unique cars which use the manual gearbox (In GTA you cannot change the gear. However, there are obvious differences between automated and manual gearboxes in the game such as its acceleration and drifting). Moreover, we have the exact car IRL (Toyota Supra Mk4) and I believe it should be added soon.

- Toros


It is another lovely SUV which will be popular if added in the game like its real one, Urus.

-Schlagen GT



The new elegant sports car which mashes together real-life Mercedes and BMW designs for peak German design and engineering is one hell of a looker. The vehicle as based on Mercedes-AMG GT.

The new update of GTA: Online (Arena Wars) has brought cool headlight modifications which can turn a car into a beast.

Image result for GTA online new headlight colors

All in all, these are only considered as suggestions and I am aware how hard it is to add these in the game. And also I invite you guys to post your opinion here! thanks for devoting your time!


-Italy GTO


It is one of the best cars that I have ever seen in GTA V. Added in Arena Wars update and the IRL is Ferrari 812 Superfast

It is a sports car but its speed is way more than a super 


-Ocelot Swinger


Perfect for sport-classic lovers. Although it is fast, its handling is better than many other sport-classics. The Swinger heavily resembles the Jaguar XJ13 with the tail light from the Lucra LC470.


-Deveste Eight


Both in name and in design, the Deveste Eight is clearly based on the real-life Devel Sixteen, a Dubai based concept hypercar. The shape of the headlights seems to be inspired by the Mazda Furai. The vehicle has a mixed engine sound to that of both the X80 Proto and Tyrus. It is a bit unusual for this vehicle to be sold to anyone. I recommend selling 3 of them in total in an auction so the game would not be spoilt.


Hey guys! I am updating this topic to add some new vehicles and information on adding these cars in the server. First of all, we still do not see new vehicles in the game. I asked a member of the staff about the reason why these are not available for people. The person replied with "It will be possible with the new update soon". I asked him roughly 3 months ago and Rage has had 2 updates since that time. Some of these vehicles might have been seen in the game used by admins such as Jester Classic or Schlagen, although, these are not available for players to purchase and I have no information about what the reason is. Anyway, I long to see these vehicles in the game and I have added 2 more vehicles to the list.

-Gauntlet Classic

"In this world, there's muscle, and then there's muscle. Like, you technically have muscles. And then there's that guy you went to school with. The one who posts Snapmatic selfies that look like someone spray-tanned a T-bone steak. Well, the Bravado Gauntlet just ate that guy, washed him down with a supercharged protein shake, and threw its arm around his mom at the drive-in. This is muscle. Anything else is just flab." (Southern San Andreas Super Autos description.) The vehicle represents the first generation of Dodge Charger.

Well, this is the best muscle car in the game. Goes just above 120 Mph in some parts of the city and is a beast when it comes to drag racing. I made a short video for you to hear how the engine sounds.





-8F Drafter


"What's the difference between this and every other two-door, four-seat, six-figure coupe on the market, you ask? Well, dig down into the core stats and the answer is clear. More horses under the hood. More exhausts at the back. More road traffic fatalities, fewer convictions, and more angry bleets from teen environmentalists. The Drafter has it where it counts." (Legendary Motorsport's Description). The 8F Drafter takes the inspiration from 2018 Audi RS5 Coupe. If you purchase all the upgrades, it will become a beast. The maximum speed is 120 Mph and is really good for all kind of races. It is one of the few 4WD vehicles which gives it the ability to drift smoothly.












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