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Radio Codes and Protocol.

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Radio Codes
update: 04/04/2019 

Hello LSC Employees. From 04/04/2019 We will have a DISPATCH at LSC 

Radio 10 codes:
10-1: ROLL CALL - When a team leader+ uses 10-1 everyone will do a radio check. (tow truckers give their 10-8/10-9 + 10-21)
10-2: GOING TO - Used to say to what location you are moving to. (Example: 10-2 bank)
10-3: ARRIVED AT - Used when you arrive at your destination.
10-4: AFFIRMATIVE - A statement or request is being affirmed.
10-5: REPEAT TRANSMISSION - An individual is asked to repeat the last given transmission.  
10-6: DISREGARD LAST TRANSMISSION - An individual is asked to disregard the last given transmission. 
10-8: AVAILABLE - currently or now available for duty or Mechanic Requests.
10-9: UNAVAILABLE - currently or now busy and not available for duty or mechanic request. (used when going AFK for max 5 minutes or when on a scene)
10-20: LOCATION - Give your current location.
10-21: REPORT STATUS - Report your status and location
10-99: CONCLUDED SITUATION - Situation / Mech-request has been concluded. (mostly used as a follow up)
CODE 1: PANIC ALARM - used in life or death situations. all mechanics who are able to respond and save the life of your fellow employee.

Indy Marcello to dispatch, 10-2 MR 5.
Indy Marcello to dispatch show me 10-3 and 10-9 at MR 5
Indy Marcello to last. 10-5
Indy Marcello to dispatch show me 10-8 starting shift.
Indy Marcello to dispatch show me 10-9 ending shift.
Indy Marcello to Roderick Marchisio, 10-20, please (or 10-21)
Indy Marcello to dispatch, show me 10-8 at Carter way, MR 5 is 10-99
Indy Marcello, code 1 (location)

Indy Marcello

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