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I was not health hacking

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 Account name: JJBAKES666

Characters name: Jake Upton

Admin who issued the punishment: Toby vintage

Date of punishment: 3/10/19

Punishment received: ban for 9999 hours

Reason given for punishment: "Health Hacking

Your explanation of what happened: I was at ocean lab with sms and a clown rolled up and i pointed a gun at him told him to get down he started shooting at me with a pistol i killed him with my sms and lost connectiion then i logged on and i was banned so i asked admin what was going on he said he slapped me but the reason i didnt die is because i lost connection before he slapped me so i wasnt connected to the server so thats why i didnt die

Why should you appeal be accepted: I am going to have my connection issue and i dont use hacks 

Post any evidence or further details: you can search my computer and download history for proof i have no hacks

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5 hours ago, LilCigri said:

I actually have video evidence to this case, I was actually apart of the shooting with my buds that I met...

Please provide the video evidence you mention for reference.

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Hello. I have spoken to @NobodyLTU and rest of the senior staff who has reviewed the evidence presented. Because the evidence contains confidential staff information, I cannot post it on your appeal. However, the video taken by the moderator shows you engaging in a shootout at Catfish View (Ocean Lab) and upon inspecting your health, the moderator noticed that the script registered that you had 100 armor. After being run over by a car of the person you were shooting at, the moderator checks your health and despite being perfectly rammed, you lose no health. The moderator then proceeds to slap you for 5 units which normally removes 5 health, but it removed 0, he then slapped you for another 10 units and you lost 0 health. This is also happening while you're actively being shot at by another player. I would also like to mention that it makes no sense what you said about losing connection, after the first slap of 5 units, you were still running around and shooting.

This incident on top of many other incidents where the player has recorded shootouts with you, you seem to take no effect to gunshots or any other damage to your character.

There is no desync or server bug that will give you 100 armor. 

We've also received a video from the moderator of the conversation between you and him on discord, none of his texts to you are edited in the recording. We do not understand why you would fabricate evidence against the moderator to try and make it seem as if he banned you because he did not like you.

Given the circumstances, and the fabrication of evidence towards the staff member, we will not be unbanning you or welcoming you back to our community. The ban will remain on record and whether or not you want to be honest about it, you were using 3rd party programs to gain an advantage over players, cheating in gunfights. 

This decision is final and reviewed by one of the community founders.

Good luck in your future endeavors,

- Osborn.

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