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Los Calaveras

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The year 1988 will go down in history as the birth of The Skull. That is the year when Gregor Smith - father of The Skulls was born in a city best known for its darkness and criminal insanity, the core of all organized crime, Vice City. Growing up in the Little Dominica area, which was mainly populated by Latino community, little Gregor saw violence and gang activities all around. Being around all the poverty and crime, he eventually became a part of it as well. He joined a local street gang by age of 10 and slowly started to maneuver himself into various gang activities. He would mainly sell drugs on the street corner and be a lookout in situations that were needed. Gregor was a skinny runt and eventually gained the nickname Calaveras meaning skull. Gregor was an ambitious youngster who knew his goal. Soon the ambitions of the Calavera boy were bigger than the gang could offer. He could not just leave the gang, he had to disappear for good from the city. At age 16, Gregor left Vice city and traveled around the states looking for a place big enough for his ambitions. He lived in various cities for months before leaving to the next one until he arrived in Los Santos.




Several years have passed since Gregor left Vice City and now he’s a young adult aged 25. Soon enough he realizes how vulnerable this city is. The town is run by fear and chaos. The Police is overwhelmed by the senseless crime and chaos that ensued amongst the people. It did not take long for Gregor to find like-minded people that wanted to expose the vulnerability of Los Santos and take advantage of it. Gregor then met two individuals that would change the course of his life forever, Avon and Darnell, the leaders of the fastest growing and most powerful organizations in Los Santos, The Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Not long after meeting them, Gregor became a member of the AVLN. Avon and Darnell were impressed with his ambition and skills and soon he started rising through the ranks. Not long after Gregor was granted permission to create his own set. As a cunning and wise man, Gregor started to bring in a lot of young recruits, strengthening the gang's position in the Los Santos underground world. After a while it became obvious to Avon and Darnell that Gregor was the key to their future success, he showed courage, leadership, and loyalty in every situation given. This leads them to promote him to the highest rank in the gang. After a while the balance of influence and power started to shift within AVLN, Gregor started to garner more power while Avon and Darnell started to diminish. The result was most of the members aligning their loyalty to Gregor instead of AVLN. After witnessing the turmoil and recognizing the inevitable downfall of the AVLN, Gregor started to see the potential of his dream becoming a reality.




Overseeing most of the AVLN businesses, Gregor started to meet and create tight relationships with the most important figures in ever Los Santos crime families. He started to establish his name as a powerhouse in the city and created a list of loyal allies he could trust. Members that were like-minded in his ambitions and vision. Gradually he pulled in the closest ones to him, Doug Reagan, Kevin Logan, Teo Zucker, Danny Tyler, Frank Mason, and a few more friends to present them with the plan of separating from the AVLN. Over the next couple of months, they created their own connections with arms dealers and importers. Doing deals on the side in order to strengthen their position for their final separation knowing that the remaining of AVLN and its leadership would most likely retaliate. Sadly the plan was cut short because one of the invited members ended up being a snitch and informed Avon and Darnell about Gregor’s plan and activities. At this point, everyone loyal to Gregor is listed as an enemy by the AVLN and hunting season on them is opened. The founding members got together and decided that this was it, a new era was about to come to Los Santos, The Era of Los Calaveras.




The full-blown war started between Los Calaveras and the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Although Los Calaveras was a brand new organization, the leadership worked hard to ensure that they were equals to the AVLN. Although the AVLN had taken an almost 50% drop in numbers to Los Calaveras, they were still a strong and determined opponent. The war was brutal, with daily shootouts each gaining victories and losses, each not caring the cost of the blood being spilled fought on with the determination to win. But the one thing that separated Los Calaveras from the AVLN was that Gregor had made through his reputation prior to leaving the AVLN. Gregor had several meetings with the three most important and powerful forces in Los Santos - Los Zetas, Irish Mob, and The Clowns, or better known as - The Council. Gregor went to each one of the council leaders in order to be granted permission to fight against one of the gangs in their city, the AVLN. The council then on their own accord declared war on AVLN. That was the moment when AVLN met their demise. There was no chance this crippled organization was going to be able to stand against the most powerful structure within the city. The war lasted around four months. Four months of brutal fighting with massive amounts of casualties. The remaining AVLN members eventually met their maker in gunfights and the Kings fell from their throne, sealing the fate of the AVLN. Los Calaveras had won one of the bloodiest battles Los Santos had ever seen and cemented their place within the community.


Current Situation.png


Now that war has ceased and life is getting back into a routine, Los Calaveras are in a new era of their existence. We are in the process of creating and implementing multiple legal and illegal ventures within the city of Los Santos. We are keeping our allies a forward priority within the organization, making sure that all members show the respect that every single ally deserves and has earned. Los Calaveras is looking for ways to become a unique and powerful voice within the underground world of Los Santos.




To be a powerful and unique force, bringing fresh and new ways to enrich and empower the community that they fight for by strengthening their firepower, muscle, finances, and connections within the underground world of Los Santos.




The vision of Los Calaveras is to bring fresh and unique ideas in order to make their criminal activities more fruitful and prosperous for their people. We strive to instill a lifestyle of integrity, honor, and devotion as core values for every member of Los Calaveras.






  Win the war against AVLN  

  Establish a positive relationship with The Council  

  Create powerful alliances with other organizations in Los Santos  

Consistently Recruit New Members

Build up a powerful armory of significant firepower which will be available to ranking members

Establish new contacts with Latino Crime Lords overseas.

Build up the economy of each and every individual in Los Calaveras.

Educate and train the members of the organization throughout all the ranks

Open up several underground businesses to bolster the organization's income.




Maintaining strong alliances with the most powerful gangs in town.

Getting businesses to wash money.

Creating and implementing a salary system for Los Calaveras.

Organize illegal activities in town for the entire community to be involved in.

Getting mass imports from the Latino Crime Lords

Acquire a Headquarters property for the organization

Helping to implement a drug lab ownership system within Los Santos




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Los Calaveras it's proud to announce their first event...



... stay tuned for more! 💪👊


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Love the background and story, a lot of detail put into it. Need some screens and RP scenarios and this will bang, good luck guys!

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