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Faction Salary System Improvements

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Sorry to bring up this topic again, but I feel the need to address the elephant in the room. 

The new Faction salary system that has been implemented is a little lack luster when it comes to both being paid and how its all calculated. 

The whole reason for moving this new system was for improved rp and realism. However, with the benefits this brings it also leaves players feeling unrewarded in the short term between paydays. 

I've been a mechanic at LSC for around 2 months now so I have a fair understanding of how things work with the salary & labour. The main issue I've noticed people complaining about is the loss of our personal labour. 

The solution: keep the new salary system implemented and pay the base salary that a member accumulates on a specific week day. Whilst on top of this bring back the labour fees and other personal bonuses to reward employees in the short term between paychecks. 

The labour going straight into your active salary could be implemented the same way that a postman delivery reward goes into the salary. Just to provide a little influx of cash throughout the week. 

Again I do appreciate that the system is new. I'm just trying to provide ways in which it can be improved. 

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to make the money we used to make we need to spend 20 to 40 hours here a week working.. no one really has that kind of time.. its a little much.. i understand the realism part but this is a game and its starting to get less fun.. theres already been over 100 players that have left the server over the last month.. more are gonna continue to drop if this pay system isnt brought back to some what normal.. 

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Mechanics earned the most for a very long time compared to other factions, simply because of labor costs. Labor costs realistically go to the company and not the mechanic. However most of your issues sound like IC issues. It also sounds a bit unfair that mechanics would get to keep their high labor bonus, while other factions wouldn't. Lets not forget that labor cost goes into your factions treasury now, which is pretty much the way you get paid now. IRL mechanics also earn money based off of labor cost and maybe a certain % of the parts they have to order for you. 

How often you're being paid is something your management has to decide, either once a week, twice or every day. If you want bonuses, make a suggestion to them to implement some sort of labor reports, basically paperwork. Ideally you would be able to ask the government for more funding, but not sure if that's possible right now.

The system is new and will get adjusted over time. Right now we all just have to be patient and see how it goes, however I think it's a good improvement. It doesn't spawn money out of nothing but actually makes it circulate more, which is what a good economy needs.

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