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ID 58 (7.2 Deathmatch)

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Player(s) being reported: ID 58
Date of interaction reported: 2/13/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1550065875

Your characters name: Joe Darley

Other player(s) involved: ID 15

Specific rule(s) broken:

7.2 Deathmatch

7.2.3 A player cannot kill their victim, if the victim is in compliance with the demands.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

I was cooking some meths and LSD's in a lab then after finishing a batch I started walking away across the road in-front of the abandoned motel suddenly out of nowhere these two guys showed up and began to rob me that was the time I started recording, I dropped all the stuffs in my inventory (meths and LSD's) and complied raising my hands up and kneel'ed down then I let them do their work. After he (ID 58) finished searching my pockets for anything in my inventory he went nuts and straight DM'ed me. The evidence says it all.

Evidence of rule breach:


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Just now, Puskin said:

Post FULL VIDEO . I didn't DM'ed because your wallet was empty 

What full video are you asking for? that's all I've recorded in that situation. If you did recorded kindly post it here, I'm gonna take a rest for now and let the admins review this.

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