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Frijfugel - Henk Frederiksen - DM

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Account name: Frijfugel.

Character name(s): Henk Frederiksen, Ebony Burton, Pete Black.

Admin who issued punishment: @XposeD

Date of punishment: 11-02-2019

Punishment received: Deathmatch offence #1 normal

Reason given for punishment:

Your explanation of what happened: I was called over to the pier by a text from one of friends named Archie Gribbins, saying he got robbed by vice. So when I read the text I called it in over the radio and we quickly hurried towards the scene. When we arrived we saw multiple vice, and decided to hit them back. After we boxed one car in with 2 people inside and held them under gunpoint we quickly noticed a lot of black cars coming in (obviously vice trying to help their friends). Once I realised that they were setting up to help their friends I started using the truck to block incoming vehicles from passing and potentially running my mates who were on foot. The person who reported me was one of the people who I was trying to block. The person knew I was blocking off the pier with my truck, yet still decided to get out of his vehicle, position himself behind me and decided to shoot my mates. This obviously granted me KOS so I decided to reverse into him and consequently kill him.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: Well, I acted in accordance to the server rules is why. I think the evidence is analysed quite poorly and I will explain why by deconstructing the moderator who issued the punishment's reasoning:

  1. I can see in the video that the truck was driven forwards and backwards over the guy you originally injured numerous times. Although he did walk behind you and start firing, you still proceeded to run him over back and forth multiple times.

    - From the evidence presented it's obvious this is not the case. I ran the man over ONCE the moment I received KOS on him for shooting. This was enough to kill him. I do not see where he "numerous" time come from, as the evidence clearly show that not to be case. I would like to point out that the reason I "ran him over" for the second time even though he was already injured can be easily seen by watching the full video. You can see me go back and forth to try and turn my truck in a way I could escape from the situation as thing were turning in their favor. If the moderator in question believes the "second" VDM attempt would be me going forward after hitting the barrier with the back of my truck, I would like to point out that there was no alternative. I know the rules, which is why after playing as a criminal for so long have never been issued a DM warning, and the rules state that parking your vehicle on top of someone is prohibited. Considering I hit the barrier with my back I would have had two options. Decide to not move the vehicle anymore (park it) and the man would die. The other (logical) choice was to drive forward again, and attempt to turn the vehicle out of the situation (I cant drive the truck into the amusement park), which is the course of action I chose. I see no other course of action I could have picked. I was in my right to run the person over, as he was shooting my friends with a shotgun in my presence. All-in-all I don't believe I ran the person over more than once, I killed him with my first attempt, and started moving the truck towards the entrance (as clearly shown in the very end of the video).
  2. I would strongly advise in the future to park the vehicle if you are wanting to block the road and not drive forwards and backwards like so.

    - If my truck was large enough to block off the entire pier and protect my mates, I would love to do so. Sadly, it was not. The person I ran over was not alone, there were people all around and this was the optimal way to protect them from incoming danger, regardless, it was not enough.

I hope this appeal get accepted so I can keep my record clean of serious punishments. I recently got into MD and was planning to mostly stop playing criminal RP, and this punishment gets in the way of that. So I would like it to be removed ASAP. As a criminal it's very hard to completely play by the rules in scenarios like these where there are enemies all over the place with heavy weaponry, I think any criminal RP'er who has spent as much time as me can back me up on this. I have always kept the rules in my mind which is why after countless shoot outs and other chaotic situations I have never received a DM warning. And in this situation again, I held back until the rules allowed me to harm the player.

Post any evidence or further details:


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Hello and thanks for your appeal.

I will provide a link to the video in which I see you repeatedly going backwards and forwards even after running him over. 

I don't think I need to say much more than the video already shows at this point. He steps behind the truck shoots at someone and you go back and forth over him. The second time pushing him through the floor and the third one is not seen as he is under the floor.

I will leave this to a head admin to decide the outcome.

Kind Regards

No more responses please.

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