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Chris Bluestone

Chris Bluestone Ban Appeal

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Account name: Chris Bluestone

Character name(s): Chris Bluestone

Admin who issued punishment: @ElisabethC @Andy

Date of punishment: 2/11/2019

Punishment received: Ban for 48h

Reason given for punishment: Player Chris_Bluestone will receive a punishment for Deathmatch I Offense #1 (Normal).

Your explanation of what happened:

Now let me explain what happened from my point of view, not what you can see in the video from the victims perspective. We approach a person, who allegedly robbed one of the three involved people ( allegedly because apparently we need proof, which we do not have) . We quickly jumped out of the car and via VOIP told him to put his hands up. To what we see is him ignoring the demand and just running away. In no way we could have figured out that there was issue with VOIP, not just his decision of how to deal with the situation. We started to chase him and continuously repeated to stop but with no luck. If we go back to the rule about example of valid reasons to attack then we can see that it says - if they are not on compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape. Both of these reasons were there, so he was shot.

There was no KoS because there would have been proper rp if the individual would not have decided to not comply and run.

Only later on, via the report video, we found out that the person did not hear our voip which is unfortunate, but at the same time does not give the rights to classify it as DM as from my point of view demands were made and it has to be taken in consideration, which is not the case in my situation.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:

I am appealing ban for DM as I do not agree with the punishment given due to the fact that everything I did was in compliance of the rules and it's requirements. To understand what is deathmatch let me copy+paste the definition from the rules.
- 7.21 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason.
Now let's see what are given as valid reasons to attack another person:
- 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player:
• If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help;
I would like to re-consider my punishment and cancel it as from my point of view there was no breach of rules. I hope that you can agree to the fact that it ended up being just simple error, unfortunate outcome, but in no way that was DM or KoS.

Post any evidence or further details:



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Hello there and thank you for appealing.

First of all, Andy wasn't included in this, I just asked him to issue the punishments for me as he was in game when I was not. I concluded this forum report with the help of senior support @Dqniel.

First and foremost, we would like to address the issue of the Deathmatch (7.2) punishment. As you can see in the first clip of the initial report, the demands of all three players through the use of voice commands had not been heard by the reporting party. We firmly stand by the fact that it is the responsibility of each and every person who is holding someone at gunpoint, to make sure that communication is clear and that their demands are heard. We are all aware of how faulty VOIP can be at times, and it was stated by multiple people, one of which was a server developer, that one should not solely rely on the use of voice commands to make sure the demands are heard, especially given the large distance between you and Harry. Additionally, we're not even sure how you guys expected for the demands to be heard over that large of a distance through VOIP? As we mentioned in the report, you guys should instead have utilised the shouting command through the chat.

There is also the possibility of Harry being in compliance with your demands, had he heard them in the first place. There is no way of telling at this point. You mentioned in the appeal that the entire situation was accidental, and although that may be true it is still up to you as the aggressor in this situation, to make sure the demands are heard in the first place, thus making us come to the personal conclusion that 7.2.2 would not be in effect in this situation.

Secondly, addressing the issue of the Kill on Sight (7.4). You seem to be confused as to why this was brought up in the final conclusion, and you make it seem like an additional punishment aside from the Deathmatch (7.2) one in this appeal. In the first post of the initial report, you stated that regardless of whether or not the demands were heard, you were allowed to shoot at Harry with no demands needed to be given, as you had KoS due to a prior incident in which Harry supposedly robbed one of your friends. In response, we mentioned in the final conclusion that as you were not present at the time of the robbery and that solely taking the word of your friend does not grant you KoS as per the Kill on Sight rules.

We suggest the punishment remains in place to serve as a reminder and a teaching experience for future reference. Utilising voice commands considering the large distance between the three players and Harry, making sure that their demands are heard in this situation (or any other situation for that matter) and knowing that taking the word of another player does not grant you KoS are all things you should know, especially given your large amount of experience and time on the server.

Pending a senior administrator or above.

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From what Im seeing is that all the blame is put on me and my friends and rest is totally ignored. I see that the victims situation is seriously taken into consideration, but no consideration from our perspective. I would love to think that the justice system would take a look at both sides and then get down to an actual outcome of was there a breach of rules or not. I continuously am repeating myself with my side of the story but always end up with the feeling that no one is listening. How can I get it to you that I did not breach no rules and I did, I repeat, I did everything by the books. The fact that I could not tell in that situation did the victim hear me or not, seems to not be important. No one is looking at the situation with perspective - what if the victim would have heard the demands and chose this type of roleplay? Would that still be DM? Does every time someone decides to run instead of comply, I have to assume they did not hear me?
The distance thing that was brought up is false, because the first demands where given as soon as I got out of the car and he was still there, before he cut the corner and run into the trailer parking yard. In any way, all this situation should be looked from a logical standpoint as this is rp and you rp as you would do things in RL if in such situation. So you cannot just simply neglect the fact that in RL such "technical errors" would not happen and the person would be able to hear the demands clearly, and issue punishment because it did not work. Also no one seems to care that he chose to ignore the fact that he saw me and my friends saying something as the green indicators were there.
I hope for a fair view on the whole situation as it folded out to be, not just one side as it seems to be at the moment in my opinion.
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Hello again,

We do take both sides into consideration. We discussed a whole lot of thought processes. At the end though, we didn't appreciate the way you brought up this VOIP issue, stating "A server bug isn't our issue", amongst other things. This lead us to the conclusion that you probably don't take precautions in general for VOIP lacking. As we brought up before, there's three of you on the scene, at least one of you could have had the realisation "maybe he doesn't hear us" and shouted something.

I'm sorry if you feel that this view is one sided. I had a lengthy discussion with the leader of your gang as well on Discord, as I'm your faction handler. At the times of issuing punishment, I didn't even know you guys were under me. I told your leader as well that, if this person had stopped running and typed in /o, the chances would have been incredibly slim that the situation would have been reset clearly.

We don't have anything left to say, we've displayed our case extensively. We still recommend the punishment to stay in place, as we do feel DM has been breached.

Pending senior administrator or above.

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