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Chris Strange

Chris Crawford - David Garcia (Cheating)

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Account name:Chris Crawford
Character name(s):David Garcia

Admin who issued punishment:NBDY
Date of punishment:11/FEB/2018
Punishment received:Cheating

Reason given for punishment:I got banned for my alleged involvement on a discord where they are developing cheats for Rage MP/Eclipse.

Your explanation of what happened:
I hold the rank of 'Admin' in the discord server of a person I know, this discord server sells a Assassins Creed Trainer and a GTA V recovery tool.
These hacks both do not work on RageMP/Eclipse. Besides that, I only hold the rank of 'Admin' on that server so I am able to join a certain channel cause
we mostly use this discord to hang around on when we play the game : League of Legends. I dont see how I play any part in developing/advertising this discord
server. I think the main reason I got banned is the fact that there are two players on that discord server that got permanently banned for rule breaking and 
one of them claimed to have undetected hacks for ECRP. Assuming a person is involved in hack developing/advertesing just by the rank they are holding is not 
the way to go.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have dedicated a lot of time in this server and people in PD can also confirm that I'm here to have fun and roleplay 
just like the most people that are on the server.

Post any evidence or further details: 
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