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Sam Clifford ($7,000)

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Character to be refunded: Sam Clifford
Date and time of incident: 5:40 2/11/2019

Requested refund (what and how much): $7,000

Description of incident resulting in loss:
I logged into the server, took some money from an ATM and thought I'd play some poker, got onto the table,
and saw that I had two Aces in my hand. I thought, great I'm likely to win here so I called $7,000 or so to see that I had lost. I was a little bit surprised
since I had such a great hand, but after I looked what the winner had, he only had an 8 and a King and won with a two pair. Pressed f12 as soon as I realised
that this was some sort of glitch, and after I asked the players what had happened and why I lost they told me its a known visual glitch and apparently I actually
just had a 3 and a 4 or something.
Evidence of loss:
https://imgur.com/a/IDJlxIw - Photo of my hand, and the cards on the table, plus the winner's message clearly in sight.
Comments: Nothing else really, apart from what I have stated above.

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Thank you for making a refund request, please review the refund request requirements as there is a minimum of 25,000 dollars worth of money or assets had to have been lost. Pending admin reaponse.

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Hello there,

Like Mickey said, we don't accept refund requests under 25k. Please read over the requirements carefully for new time.

- Boxxy

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