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BooHulk12 - Jonah Carter (Punishment Appeal)

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Account name: BooHulk12

Character name: Jonah Carter

Admin who issued punishment: PolarBlunk

Date of punishment: 4/11/18

Punishment received: Permanent Ban

Reason given for punishment: Hacking

Explanation: i downloaded a hack for Gta 5 single player that was only intended to play on single player called The Flash in Gta 5 prior to playing the eclipse role-play i thought i removed the hack so i could play eclipse. The hack instantly teleport-ed me to a set way point that was set whilst doing the delivery job in the role play server after teleporting to the way point i knew the mod menu was still active and i instantly closed GTA and deleted the gta 5 game to remove all 3rd party applications inside of my game files, after the game finished downloading i tried to load up the eclipse role play server and i discovered that i had been banned off the server                                                                                                                                

Reason for acception of appeal: i have got a new computer so i wont have any unknown hacks in the game files. And i have downloaded GTA 5 clean also i have not downloaded any hacks since the incident and have re read all the rules to the server to make sure that there will be no more incidents like this again

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