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Player ID 32, Fear RP rule

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Player(s) being reported: Unknown name, player ID 32
Date of interaction reported: 2/7/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1548003445

Your characters name: Jimmy Cleen

Other player(s) involved: player id 47

Specific rule(s) broken:

Fear roleplay 7.1

How did the player break the rule(s)?

So my friend and I were driving around looking for things to steal, he stopped in the middle of the road and i hit him cause he was talking to player 32 and 47. I came back around to apologize to him in rp that i hit him as player 32 was talking to my friend about selling him drugs, i involved myself by saying "what did i stumble on"  , little roleplay follows, we follow them to a secure location to "buy drugs" i then say "hey john you ready?" and i whip my gun out and tell player 32 to put his hands up. I was in close range and my weapon was aimed at him, 2 seconds go by player 32 whips his gun and kills me.  

Evidence of rule breach:

I have attached 3 screenshots of me trying to resolve the issue with the player, all i wanted was my pistol back but they told me to file report anyway.

Further evidence can be provided if needed.




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you can obviously see my player is lagging lol..

maybe i was lagging, you can hear voice cut in and out too hm..  but once my character syncs back in you see weapon drawn on you before i finish statement,  also thank you for posting this so i didnt have to upload

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To the reporting party, if you report players, include a valid timestamp (unix date).

Considering the reported party saw the reporting party pointing the weapon at a different direction (due to desync), I won't be issuing any punishments as of now. But, what I saw in those screenshots about "1v1 doesnt have fearRP" is completely false and I want you both to know that for future instances.

Report denied

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