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Acknowledging the World

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I realize most common folk do not consider these out of the box thoughts, but I hope to provide a compelling argument for my views.


Realistically you would assume this is nothing more than a picture of the bleak view over the Los Santos wharf. What you notice if you look closer though, is the lack of a curve across the horizon.

Especially take note of the curved line in the sky for a later topic that is to be expanded on.

Getting straight to the point you should be able to see what I'm claiming. The world is flat, and Los Santos is possibly under a Dome or Firmament.

Repulsively though, the government tries to hide these facts from the people, but I am here to expose the truth. Notice here how the mountains all lay on a seemingly flat base, with no curve in sight.

Even here from the top of great Mount Chiliad, with the highest and widest view of the area, a curve is still not present!

Though I lack the proper evidence of the Dome present over Los Santos I am still on the hunt for material that supports my theory.
Without a doubt though I have ample evidence of the Flat Earth that I will continue to present.

Here you will note another hot point of interest.

Atop the Los Santos Bank you will still see a lack of curve in the distance, and the buildings seem to simply rise from a flat base line.


The plan I am putting into motion with this evidence is to educate the masses, and turn people away from the lies of the powers at large.
In these few pictures I have presented the fact is simply seen. The Earth is flat as we know it, and we cannot deny it any longer.
Does the dome exist? Maybe not, but that doesn't stop me from exploring this further, and hopefully adding to this blog I've started.
It may be an up hill battle, but it is a battle I am willing to fight.

Do you wish to contact me with evidence and support for my cause? simply text #5578246


That number will get you in touch with Edwin Snark,of which I am not, and he will relay you to me. Because I am definitely not him.

Signing off,
The Hopeful

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I shall transfer you $10,000 to help you with your evidence gathering.


Jay Norris

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I really appreciate your support and would love to get in contact with you, If you're still interested in making that donation please contact my median, who most certainly isn't me, Edwin Snark or email me at ((Theocratic Waffle#[email protected])).

Signing out,
The Hopeful

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