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Amin Tavakoli

Prison Door

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Date and time (provide timezone): 11:50AM  +3:30

Character name: Oliver Michelson

Issue/bug you are reporting: 

This door ~> qt9ai78a71lp.png

We have a serious problem with this door. we need to use it to take prisoner straightly into the processing room. But it has a Major BUG and as soon as we get in there we fall down the interior to the void and then teleported to airport runaway. We really need to use that door. if we get prisoners off the vehicle at that point they wouldn't have any chance to run. some prisoners run to that door as well. we take them inside and we fell again. this is another view of this bug. I know that eclipse is making another interior and I'm sure it won't happen that soon, but until then, please do something about this door.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

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Not only that door, generally going into prison it has to load it first. If you have a fast pc, no problem, but the area it needs to load is far away in the airfield, so for bad PCs sometimes the floor isn't loaded in yet when your character arrives, which just makes you fall to the airport, where the interior is located. 


It does happen more often with that door, but I've experienced it with all doors that go from the outside to the inside. 

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