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Albert Butler was born in the town of Sandy Shores on september 4th 1944 to his parents, Mary and James Butler. Growing up at the end of the world wars and start of the cold war created a lot of tension at all homes in the country especially the Butler household. Albert enlisted to join the vietnam war once he turned 18 in 1963, in which he sustained a major gunshot wound to the lower leg and was later discharged due to not being mentally fit for battle.


Clown School

After Albert was discharged and sent back home to San Andreas he found his passion in entertainment, more specifically clowns. At 24 He enrolled into clown school without any prior formal education due to being homeschooled. From then on Albert was known as Funko The Clown and toured around blaine county doing everything from birthday parties to military funerals. Though one day Albert was hired to do a birthday party but when he walked in all the children screamed and ran away, this severely distressed Albert and he comepletely quit being a clown that day.

First Love

It was 1978 and Albert was in his early 30s, alone and tired. He sat on the side of route 68 and slept on the cold sidewalk, He awoke to the sound of a soft voice asking, 'are you okay sir?' Albert stared deeply into the strange mans eyes and instantly fell in love. His name was Simon Murphy, a soft spoken british man visiting San Andreas on his vacation. Since then the two were inseperable, you would have never seen the two apart, though sadly the couple couldnt get married or even be seen in a romantic sense or else Simon could have lost his job as a real estate agent as Albert was unable to hold a job on his own.


First Child

14th febuary 1992 Albert and Simon had their first child at 47 years old,  it was a girl and he named her Claire Butler. Claire was a very disfunctional person which got worse when Simon and Albert seperated, this distraught both Albert and Claire to the point where Claire started acting out much more than before, staying out late hanging out around stab city, vandalising local businesses and generally acting out of order. Then on the 9th of December 1995 the second child came, a much calmer and polite boy that albert named Alexander Butler. Alexander stayed at home, studied and was generally very well behaved. that was untill social services decided that Albert was too unstable and not in the right mind to be taking care of children so they were flown to England to be raised by Alberts ex-boyfriend Simon.



Albert had run out of purpose, no children to take care of, no husband to hold dear and no reason to stay happy. Untill one night attempting to deal with the pain on psychedelics a man floated down from the sky and spoke to Albert. 'You, in august 2023 you must go to the city of Los Santos and find the truth.' Before Albert could think the man dissapeared and he awoke in his trailer, dazed and confused. After speaking briefly to Dewk Bathsheba at the trial of Wolfgang Bathsheba, Albert realised something and since then has been obsessed with 'becoming enlightened'


Biography writen by Alexander Butler

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