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Zheer Romano

ID 75 Axel_Quinn (Dimitri_Mandojev) Fear Roleplay, Non-Roleplay

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Player(s) being reported: ID 75
Date of interaction reported: 09/17/2023
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1694964373

Your character name: Alvin Lee
Other player(s) involved: Dimitri_Mandojev

Specific rule(s) broken:

13. Fear Roleplay (FRP)

Fear Roleplay is the concept of showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. We aim for balanced gameplay through this rule, and it may not be representative of real life at times. 

Players whose life is in direct danger must RP adequate fear and comply with demands given to them. Direct danger could mean, for example, a gun aimed at your head or at you from close vicinity, by any player. 

9. Non-Roleplay (Non-RP)


Non-Roleplay behavior is considered as actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay. It's difficult to interpret or understand what good roleplay can be sometimes, and we aim to steer players in the direction we want them to go through our server rules. Players are welcome to speak to staff for guidance in regard to roleplay.

How did the player break the rule(s)? So basically, our gang got into a fight with CSB, which was brought to the MD because one of them had a heavy weapon on him Then, their members began shooting at us on the north roof of Paleto MD. unexpectedly a sheriff deputy went into the fight and didn't even show any indication of fear for his life. He got out of his car in the middle of the fight and shot two gangs at the exact same time.

I don't think it's acceptable for the sheriff's deputy to go into a shootout involving two gangs with himself, it shows a poor quality of roleplaying as well as that he had no concern for himself.

Evidence of rule breach
I requested him to save his POV because I had been unable to do so due to a lack of space on my PC, He definitely has his POV because he stated I have POV over my PMs.

Me asking him to save pov: https://imgur.com/DXt46OD

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I'm the deputy that is being reported. I was in the locker room at the Sheriff Station (Which is 1 building over from where they decided to have this shootout) where I heard the shots. I ran out, informed over the radio, ran past a deputy in the lobby whom I assumed was going to follow me. Was told that backup was on the way. I didn't realise that the shootout was at Paleto MD because honestly, I didn't realise anybody would be weird enough to have a shootout there so I ran in, using at as cover while I looked for where the shootout actually was. 

By the time I arrived, shots had already stopped and everybody was already injured, apart from 1 10F that left the scene. Not overly sure why this is a report, the suspect was already injured and the shootout was over when I arrived. Seems petty but I digress, that's not my call to make. I also took the liberty of clipping the part where the reporting party pulled a gun on 3 deputies with guns out after just being dropped off at the doctor. The fact the individual stated that I "Got out of my car" when I arrived on foot shows no awareness of his surroundings and didn't fully understand the whole situation proving this report was just a knee jerk reaction to losing. 

My actions were realistic as I am a deputy Sheriff and it is my job as such to protect the lives of others. Sometimes that involves running into an active shootout. From my perspective there was only 1 or 2 shooters so I had no reason to fear being outnumbered, specially when we are so close to a Sheriff Station and I have already been informed backup is on the way. I valued my life as much as I possible could, given the role of which I serve in.

I hope this answers any questions you may have and if you need anything, do not hesitate to reach out.


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Hello again,

Just to be clear, the fight was still going on when I was injured and there were two CSB on the roof (you can hear them blasting with silencers). I might have been confused that you had a vehicle or you were on foot, but all I noticed was the fact that you were only one individual and showed up alone in a shootout. You claimed that the shootout was over, yet our man was still fighting them, and Kyrie (my friend) escaped. Perhaps you could have brought your car and scouted the area.

does not mean that you need to get in fight if you hear gunshots rather, you must first make sure that the location is secure for you since you were by yourself, rather than just walking around blindly without knowing if the area is secure or not, you immediately entered the fight on your own and were aware that shots had been fired, so you didn't give any thought regarding the safety of your life.

His POV has been completely trimmed in their favor.

I wanted to clarify a few things, and I won't go back and forth unless the staff asks me to, Thanks!

Edited by Zheer Romano
wanted to point out his pov has been trimmed in their favour.
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It jumps because those are the 2 relevant parts of the footage. In between the 2 clips is just me running around arguing with the reporting party in PM's. I could have uploaded 2 separate videos to make it look not cut and it would have achieved the same effect. If you want to watch 9 minutes of that then by all means but I was trying to do you a favour. I was reported for running into an active shootout, so the footage I showed was me running into the situation. The cut is me showing the reporting party breaking FearRP by pulling a gun on 3 deputies. The claims of me cutting the video to look in my favour is an absolute fallacy.

As a side note, once the shots start again, I run back towards the station when I realise I am alone and then when the shots have stopped, I run back into the scene. At not a single point did I run into the situation while the shots were actively being fired. I would also like to ask the reporting party to refrain from PMing during an active situation as it is very distracting and makes it difficult to actually enjoy the RP.

*Video has been sent to the staff taking this report*

Edited by ChronoFunk
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Thanks @ChronoFunk!

Dimitri_Mandojev - What was your thought when carrying what seems like your ally from the hospital, delaying his medical treatment?

@Zheer Romano / Alvin_Lee - What was your thought process behind attempting to put three (3) deputies under gunpoint, when outnumbered 3:1 (two of them having pistols out, one having a shotgun out)?

The above player has 24 hours to reply.

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Greetings! I want to thank you for taking this report,

When I got injured by CSB (you are able to observe it clearly in his POV at 52 seconds), he claimed that the fight had ended, but shots were just fired recently, and I was injured whilst he stayed still between two gang shootouts. That was the mistake they made for not taking my gun away from me before processing me. I had intended to hold the deputies with my gun, but I didn't expect that the other deputy would walk in with his shotgun in his hand, I only intended to hold up the one deputy who had no guns drawn to negotiate my way out. I had my weapon on the deputies and wasn't expecting that he would not react as he should have. When he turned around and pointed his gun at me, it turned into a standoff where both sides told the others to drop, to which they eventually shot me. 

He stayed still at the place where I had been shot by CSB and injured: https://imgur.com/a/j3Ywnin

please ask me if there is anything else I should say, I will be pleased to answer so.


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I saw they were not even treating him and I knew he had a gun on him, so I wanted to make sure to take that gun off him cause otherwise he would face illegal firearm, murder, attempted murder of gov charges. You can also see I did not take him far, so it did not impact or delay his medical treatment at all.

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Following extensive review of the report, the evidence attached to it and player statements, I have decided to conclude the report as following.

  • Player Dimitri_Mandojev will receive a Non-Roleplay punishment
  • Player Alvin_Lee will receive a Non-Roleplay punishment

To first address the initially reported player. He is a deputy, stationed at Paleto Bay. He hears shots originating from close-by and decides to investigate this. Upon investigation, he sees a male standing in front and begins to issue demands to the player. The player however informs him that he is under NLR from the very same shootout, so he continues. He looks trough the fence and sees a few injured people. As he jumps the fence, he uses his radio to inform other units of the situation. He now notices one male entering his vehicle and fleeing. He proceeds to fire once towards the vehicle, which after he takes distance to the scene until backup arrives. 

During the above encounter, it is my assessment that the above player did not insert himself to an unreasonable situation, where his situation would have been excessively endangered.

Moving on to Dimitri_Mandojev. In the footage provided by the reported party, he can be seen lifting up his ally, as SD are dealing with him. Dimitri himself states multiple times "he's dying out here, he's dying, you gotta bring him to..". The player on the floor on the other hand states: "I need to, go, I'm dying". Although Dimitri's actions did not kill the reporting party, he purposefully delayed his medical treatment, putting more value on his firearm than on his life.

Lastly, Alvin_Lee. The player withdraws his firearm when two out of three deputies have firearms withdrawn and are facing him, one being a shotgun. The player does not in this scenario put enough value on his life, being outnumbered 3:1 and still withdrawing weapons. This scenario ends with the reporting player being shot down by a shotgun, and is taken to the healing point, again. 

Report accepted & archived.


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