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Helvetica was formed and founded by Tyrone Dover. Tyrone had previously been in several gangs including Mercia and The Gates. He had been planning to start his own gang ever since The Gates got disbanded, but he never really did it. After he left Mercia he decided to start something. The name Helvetica is also the name of a font. Tyrone thought this font looked sleak, stylish, discreet and professional, all of which are attributes he wishes to bring into his gang. The name reminded him of ancient greece, so he decided to make a logo with the greek godess Athena, a godess of wisdom and warfare.

Current Situation

At the time Helvetica is just getting started, we currently have no allies and we only have 9 members. We have friends who has a lot of connections in the criminal underworld, which is going to help us getting started. Almost all of the members have previous experience in gangs and we all know we can rely on eachother for pretty much anything. We are also in a pretty good place when it comes to funds, also something that will be really helpful in the beginning.

Future Plans

In the future we obviously plan to expand, get new members and get our name out there. We are also planning to get an ally of some sorts, and we have friends that can set up connections with other gang leaders for us. We are planning to import guns that we can sell and use, we are also planning on other illegal activities that will give the gang more funds for more expansion.


We currently don't have a minimum XP limit, instead we scout for people that could benefit the gang. Currently the only way of joining us is asking us if you meet us on the street. We will then research about you, ask you some questions to ensure that we only get the best people in our gang. We will also make sure that you know RP in various ways fx. using an OOC quiz to make sure that the person knows rp well, and that we can trust him/her won't hurt our gangs reputation with bad RP.

Ranking System




Rookie is the first rank in our hierarchy, and these are new members. They mostly follow the rest of the gang and observe how we do things. These are also tested in multiple ways before we promote them, to make sure they are engaged and active in our gang.

Security Ranks

The security ranks (solder, operative and captain) are the muscles of our gang. They make sure we are safe and if we go to war they are the force that is going to help us win. This is why they need to be trained and tested in shooting, strategics and other things alike. 

Management Ranks

The management ranks (supervisor, hr and treasurer) all have different responsibilities. The supervisors main task is to lookout for snitches, make sure that the members live up to our standard, even though this is the second rank in the hierarchy, we only let extrodinary members which we think are made for the job take this branch in the gang. HR does pretty much the same with some added responsibilities. The treasurer manages our funds, make sure nobody is stealing and other things related to our economy.

Board Members

The board members are the main voices in the gang. They obviously have all the responsibilities of the management team and also making sure that none of our soldiers get any ideas like starting wars with other gangs without consulting the board members. The board members vote about certain things like gang colors, if someone high up in the gang should be removed and other important desicions. The board director is the leader and has the main vote. His job is to make sure that everyone is doing the job, making sure that the gang is going where he wants it and other things that are for the sake of the gang in general.


As mentioned Tyrone wishes to bring the attributes of the font helvetica into the gang. Therefore all gang members much dress formally with a suit or a black coat. This is to make sure that all gang members look professional and discreet. All clothing must be in greyscale which includes black, white, grey and other colors alike.

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