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matriks - Jim Statham - Ban Appeal

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Account name: matriks
Character name(s): Jim Statham

Admin who issued punishment: MusketDeezNuts (It says by Ballin in ban reason)
Date of punishment: 9th of January  
Punishment received: Perm ban

Reason given for punishment: excessive admin log | Ballin

Your explanation of what happened: Basically I got too many admin logs and I was banned for that, I got into some really bad roleplay encounters and got punished for smallest details, even though I know that they were my mistakes, I've learned from them, I've re-read the rules, reformed and I am asking for you ti gve me a second chance. The server is great, I've been playing it for half a year now, this server gave me some of the best roleplay experience i've ever had. I wish I could go and experience that again. I am again really sorry for what I've done and for ruining other players RP experience, I'm absolutely sorry, it won't happen again.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: As I said, I've re-read the rules, I'm ready to reform, if needed I could even retake the quiz, I love gta V and the fact that you can roleplay so realistically with these amazing server sided scripts is amazing, I'm asking you to give me another chance, I'm admitting that I did bad stuff, and I regret it, Im asking for another chance, and I'm sure I won't mess up ever again

Post any evidence or further details:
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It was only 1 month since your ban that you appealed. If you are interested in returning please post an appeal no sooner than 2 months from the date of this post and we can reconsider your actions then.


Thanks for the appeal.

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