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Floyd Moretti $200'000

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Character to be refunded: Floyd Moretti
Date and time of incident: 29/01/2019

Requested refund (what and how much): $200'000

Description of incident resulting in loss: So there was a guy that wanted to take a loan 200'000, 
we signed the contract that he is giving it back on 06/02/2019 in ammount of 350'000$ but now when I asked how it is going, 
he answered that he got perma banned and blocked me on discord. As I saw he wasn't active or anything, he wouldn't be able to give money back, 
that's why I asked him on discord. We made the deal ICly, he asked for loan near bank, then we met by texting SMS and gave him a contract with loan and all.

Evidence of loss:

Contract: i.imgur.com/SyBC19Z.jpg

Signing it: i.imgur.com/yKdbBEG.jpg

Took the money out of ATM: i.imgur.com/rp9z1zn.jpg

Gave him the money : i.imgur.com/5jECnyB.jpg

Comments: I'd like to get my cash back, don't know if you guys give the 200k or 350k but I need it back and would appreciate the quick response. Thank you for taking your time. 
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Added the evidence links as it didn't show the pictures earlier..

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The player has told me he is perma banned over discord and has blocked me on discord. I've tried contacting him in game, he is never online and it's already 4 days after then term he should've given the money back. Link for proof of him saying that he is perma banned : http://prntscr.com/mj89xm

And here picture of his stats before recieving the loan : for_loan.png?width=832&height=468


Picture of me being blocked afterwards: http://prntscr.com/mj8cnd

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