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Hoxton Curry SMG

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Character to be refunded: Hoxton Curry
Date and time of incident: 6:40 UK Time, 3/2/2019

Requested refund (what and how much):
SMG with 32 bullets, the amount of the bullets can't be seen but I'm okay with just getting the weapon back

Description of incident resulting in loss:
We were breaking pedro out of custody, I took my SMG from the house and went there, later we decided that others will shoot at them as a distraction while 
I drive and pick him up in my car, so I realized that I wont use my gun and If I get caught I will loose it so I decided to hide it in a nearby bush and 
the server crashed shortly after 

also Henk was not metagaming in /f he was saying names of IRL people, not IC names

Evidence of loss:

Comments: I don't know why it doesnt say server crashed in the chat but Im pretty sure many people can confirm that the server crashed at this time
Thanks for taking your time of your day to do these shits 
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Thank you for posting this refund request.

After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided to authorize you a refund for the following item(s):

  • SMG with 10 bullets.
  • Because there is a lack of evidence of how many bullets you had for your SMG, I am unable to authorize a refund for the asked amount of bullets.

What you need to do now is to get in contact with a Head Administrator+ to process your refund In-Game. This refund request is valid for 30 days and if there is sufficient reason as to why you've not obtained your refund within 30 days it may be extended at the discretion of the handling administrator.


  • PogU 1

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