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Liam Crawford

VOIP issues

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Date and time (provide timezone): N/A

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Issue/bug you are reporting: VOIP

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Usage of VOIP, read below.

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So, we're all aware of the current issues we have with VOIP and the past few weeks I've definitely seen a lot of improvements on the server (keep it up devs!):

At this moment, we cannot rely on the current in-game VOIP system due to the following reasons:

  • N(Voice) and M(Radio) are both unstable and constantly cut out.
  • M(Radio) is nearly impossible to distinguish from Discord or other 3rd party communication services. This definitely makes it hard to determine whether or not something is being metagamed.
  • Recently a new system was introduced where you'd see the IDs or alias of ones showing up on the right side of the screen of people who are actively communicating over VOIP service (cool feature btw). But this also does not always work. I have videos where I accused my own friends of metagaming on Discord because they were asking for backup over the radio but this did not show up on the side of my screen.
  • The issue I personally have is that this gives an advantage to for example the LSPD. The LSPD uses TAC channels on TeamSpeak which are IC voice channels. These channels are reliable and it makes it easier for the LSPD to communicate effectively whilst illegal factions have the struggle of dealing with a broken VOIP system.


Again, I (and I'm sure the community) really appreciate and notice the effort that has been put in development over the past months. The server is definitely moving forward in a positive direction. A lot of cool features have been introduced which I am definitely a fan of.

Another suggestion I'd like to make is to have the distortion FX back in M(Radio) like we had before (if possible), this was such an amazing addition!

Of course I'm unaware of the dev team their plans. But I hope that VOIP is a priority because it ruins the RP experience that most of us come for.
I hope this can all be fixed soon! 🙂

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Again, I do not blame anyone for this. The only thing I'm trying to do is raise awareness for this issue.
The reason I used the LSPD as an example is because LSPD, at all times are able to use a reliable communication tool and other factions / players are not. I am NOT stating that this privilege should be removed from the LSPD.

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The Current state of the game needs some very desired critical attention , the VOIP services provided by RAGE are unstable and create frustration in the server by almost everyone, since the beginning  of November the roleplaying community  has degraded and I don't speak for everyone but I can see it has taken of form that is toxic and creates an unstable playing environment for many that want to role-play rather than ( /me pats the man down ENTER, /do Success? ENTER)

and its now been around 3 months and the community has been patiently waiting for something that feels like is not going to happen. The introduction to properties and customization to those said properties was an amazing implementation and the additional objects/ weapons are great and I thank the devs for all their hard work.

I  would like to provide some kind of solution that might be viable and could help mediate this issue, I feel it would come off as condescending but for what it's worth

1- Pay for better VoIP services <----if it needs to be that way

2- Return to the services used previously <---- Reliable, yes it had its shortcomings but was tolerable.

3- Take it out completely. <----Everyone follows the same suit, that it to include all government factions. the reason I state government is due to the fact that there is a stigma about favoring or "Special treatment" for said factions.


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+1 I've asked for backup on radio all the time, only to find out no one can hear me. When you are being chased at by cops, or being robbed, it is impossibly to give constant information by typing on radio. This should be a high priority problem, because the server is based on VOIP rp.

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