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The Syndicate

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The Syndicate was a gang formed by group of five close friends in the month of August 2018. After being unfairly dismissed from their positions at Los Santos Customs, the former mechanics and experienced members of the management team felt mistreated and had a cynical change of mind to seek revenge. Causing trouble in the city was what the group came accustom to doing and eventually they realised that money was a problem and they'd need to find a way to generate themselves an income to keep any hopes of a gang a reality. Gun sales started off slow as illegal weaponry became fairly common but after changes by the government, this changed very quickly. 

Attracting interest from most criminals in the city, we grew in numbers rapidly and looked to dominate Los Santos. The only problem which occurred was not being able to manage everyone and keep a close eye on them to keep up the standards and maintain the morals we built ourselves on. Acting on these problems, we set up a plan to merge with veterans of "The Lost Family" as they could bring the money whilst we'd bring the skill and knowledge. Unfortunately, both organisations could not see eye to eye and the guys from "The Syndicate" travelled back to Croydon to see to their businesses back home.





Dominating the mechanic warehouses alongside the black market over in Croydon, England, Chaza Williams and Pedro Luis returned to Los Santos on a short trip to see what opportunities there were to be acted upon across the pond. After retrieving their cars from the impound from months ago, they drove around and noticed how new people were to the city, already subconsciously making plans. Driving throughout the city, they took some back roots and discovered the old "Benny's Original Motorworks" garage that had seemingly been abandoned. Williams and Luis phoned back home to Roberto Sanchez, Elliot Sanchez and Sergio Canio and discussed the potential of business if they were to re-open the garage and make it their own, with an illegal twist.







The organisation plans to keep numbers small for now with possible recruitment in the future. The main idea is to run the gun market and gain extreme profits by taking advantage of other gang's mistakes. After all being mechanics previously, everyone has the ability to hide weapon parts in areas of the car and traffic them across the border without anyone batting an eye. Importing illegal yet highly expensive weaponry and drugs is the main goal, running as a business by day yet criminals by night.  We became fully aware of people that go around in clown masks trying to establish "Benny's" as their own, but we know that we have the utility, experience and superior skills to be able to overrun them, putting them into their place and once again establishing ourselves as number one. Importing illegal yet highly expensive weaponry and drugs is the main goal, running as a business by day yet criminals by night. 











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Moving this to the archive to create a new one, more professional and story changed slightly 😄 Keep an eye out

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