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Standards of RP held by PD and Administrators

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So I tried to have this conversation over a PM on discord, but instead he blocked me... so I'm going to go ahead and have it here. @Aldari_Tagril


Earlier today, I was driving down the freeway when my game tabbed out, when I tabbed back in a few seconds later, @Aldari_Tagril, rear-ended me while being an on duty cop. Which I'm not upset about, because I understood it was purely desync. What I'm upset about was what happened next. So after my car gets spun out, and I drive off to the side of the road, I RP that my car has broken down because it was a pretty nasty hit.

So there I am, RPly totalled on the highway, and Sergeant Daniel Shelby walks up to my car. I tell him that my transmission has gone out and I need some help, and tells me he doesn't care what happened that I should have "stayed in my lane." And takes my ID. He walks back to his cruiser a quick second and comes back, ticketing me, no RP involved. The only /me line he did was taking my license, that was it. Unfortunately, my shadowplay wasn't working during this situation so I only have a video of the chatlogs. In real life, when someone rear ends you on a roadway, it is their fault. You are suppose to keep a certain length away from another vehicle to prevent crashed. Always. Again, this is desync, so I didn't really push that issue.

My main concern is that this was the RP standards posed by the PD. We had a nasty accident on the freeway, he 'pulls me over' and just tickets me. He doesn't ask if I am OK, he doesn't attempt to get me fully off the road, he just tickets me and drives away. All this while my car is RPly totalled with a thrown transmission. Doesn't even so much as RP writing the ticket, pure power-trip and was upset he hit me and wanted to punish me for it. All I was trying to do was turn a rather non-rp car crash into some RP situation, which he engaged by pulling me over after what we both knew was pure desync. I'm not mad about the demerit, even though IRL that would have never flown, I'm mad that a moderator on this server holds such poor RP standards.

  • On my first day on the server, I was tased through a windshield.
  • Another member of the PD told me I was powergaming for not doing a /do.
  • And this man ticketed me and practically refused to roleplay, because he was mad he hit me.

LSPD: Your RP standards are poor. I barely have decent interactions with you. This needs to change.

So afterwards, I PM'd him on discord in order to try to sort out whatever happened. I was calm, approached him very civilly, and he blocked me. What if I was a new player? How would that make them feel about the server? 


Since you didn't want to talk to me on discord, I'm interested to see your reply here. As well as the rest of the communities.


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1 hour ago, JasonG said:

On my first day on the server, I was tased through a windshield.

Happens daily to me

Agree with everything you said

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25 minutes ago, DDevastatedTV said:

Depends on what you say or do and if you comply or not

If what you are saying is a joke then alright. Otherwise in no way shape or form should PD taze through the windows while they are driving, that is 100% script abusing and shit rp by the PD. The tasers do not register the windows (it appears) and they just say 'fuck it' and keep tazing people that are driving. Not to mention that tazing those who are operating vehicles is extremely dangerous for both the officer, the one being tazed and anybody in their surroundings. This should never happen, seems like one of the most obvious things not to do in PD.

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If players have issues with specific situations they're invited to make player reports or even IA reports for poor RP quality if its simply a poor experience you had with the PD faction. We do not go making threads shaming an entire factions RP quality and start by bringing up incidents as this isn't the place to have things investigated.

I'm fairly certain I handled the tazer through the windshield report when you made it back then and the officer had agreed to re-RP the scenario, and you chose not to, if my memory serves me correctly. 

Either way, feel free to reach out to PD High Command to discuss issues you may have via PM or IA reports for poor quality experiences. Additionally if you feel they are breaking server rules, please visit the player report section. 

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