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Alison Quinn (Fully maxed Schafter V12)

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Character to be refunded:  Alison Quinn

Date and time of incident:  2019-01-24 after restart server

Requested refund (what and how much): Fully maxed Schafter V12

Description of incident resulting in loss: after restart I joined to the server and went to my house and press E and checked my garage to got my car out but it wasn't there so i tried to contact to Admin and @XposeD respond to my report and we check everything like giving my keys house to him or testing by selling and buying,and my car still in house parking as /vehiclestats shows me we did everything we thought it might be work but my car totally Vanish so I can't do anything.

Evidence of loss:



Comment:it would be great if developers response to my refund , I tired to fix this issue in game but admins couldn't do anything for this problem.

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