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1920, the harsh lands of southern-eastern France fell a victim to the largest operation the area had ever seen. When a local group named Mercia succeeded in doing the impossible: robbing the Banque de France , deep underground it contained vault, which harboured vast amounts of gold deposits.. This day marked the day Mercia became a name to be reckoned with, a group that soon would expand beyond the borders of France, and conduct operations all over western Europe. From supplying people with narcotics and shipping weaponry, Mercia would become one of the largest organisations across Europe. The wealth generated would be used to expand Mercia's influence all across the continent, and s in 1976 Mercia had multiple branches from the United Kingdom, to Russia.

Aiming to extend their reach, Ashley Burton, the granddaughter of the founder of Mercia, left Europe along with a couple of the original Mercia members and headed for Los Santos. Known for the chaotic nature of the city, Ashley thought this location would be perfect to expand Mercia's reach into the Americas, which has till this point been untouched. One of these investments was to set up base in the Vespucci Canals, with it's connection to the sea and dockyard, Ashley thought this would be the perfect location for future plans.

Upon arriving at the city, the members of Mercia purchased property in the Vespucci Canals and started to hire some members. Knowing the city’s reputation, Mercia then set out to contact of the gangs that currently rule parts of Los Santos and talk to them, about setting up alliances, and trade agreements.



Currently, Mercia is trying to establish trade and defensive connections with other organisations and gangs within Los Santos. Whilst also increasing our reputation, and generate more wealth for all it's members.

As Mercia is a business, we have plans to establish legitimate forms of income, such a businesses, and protection contracts, , in order to cover up our illegal activities, whilst also generating job opportunities, and wealth.

Due to the disappearance of the Los Santos branch of Mercia, Ashley Burton, the current leader Henk Frederiksen took charge of Mercia and quickly set out to radically change things. First of all he expanded Mercia's base of operations across the seas, made heavy weaponry to protect all Mercia's assets more widely available to it's members, and also change Mercia's public appearance.



Mercia’s main goal is to maintain control over the Vespucci Canals and beach. Aside of that Mercia's other goals are to leave a mark on Los Santos, by ensuring everyone knows the name Mercia and that's its a force to be reckoned with, but most importantly, Mercia wishes to establish proper trade agreements, and generate enough wealth for the organisation, and it's members to prosper.

In addition, we are planning to start real estate business in the Canals, by monopolising it, this will help us launder the money that we earn from all of our illegal activities. Mercia is planning to extend it's reach to all areas connected to the ocean, as this will allow the organisation to trade overseas, and take a firm hand in all commerce regarding overseas shipments.



Mercia started as a medium class organisation, but is steadily working towards a smaller, elite, high class organisation. . As the history of Mercia says that the main organisation, based in Europe, is a powerful, wealthy group, who took control over various aspects of the legal, and illegals of the economy. So the Mercia branch based in Los Santos will work towards the same goal. First we took a hold of the Vespucci Canals, using diplomacy, wealth, and strength, and now we work to obtain control Los Santos's economy.



As for the moment we're extremely picky with who we allow to join and who not. Our minimum XP requirement is set to 30K EXP, and will most likely be pushed to 50K EXP very soon. We are mainly out for quality members, members we can trust with confidential information, members who are able to RP very well, and would be able to remain professional, and in character while executing our events.

We also have material requirements for our members, they must be able to arrange their own transportation, means of communication, and defence. We do not seek strength in numbers, we want each of our members to obtain a reputation for themselves in, and outside Mercia. And make sure they can stand on their own in whatever situation is thrown at them.



Mercia mainly focusses on the importing, and dealing in weaponry, as the weaponry economy is mostly player-base, and has you set up deals, and interact with other organisations, and individual players. Trading weaponry is a lot of fun for both parties involved, and results in some great RP scenarios, we wish to large-scale weapon transferring scenarios in the near future, when stock allows us to.

We also have our hands in the narcotic business, we set up large scale operations, sometimes at multiple drug labs at once, and with the use of codewords we can quickly coordinate where reinforcements are required, so the operations can run smoothly with minimum interference.

But most importantly we wish to have fun, exciting RP scenarios with everyone from the community, this ranges from PD to other illegal factions. We want to do large-scale heists, police breakouts, the smuggling of illegal substances in highly secured areas. These events we of course do in cooperation with the ECRP staff team to make sure everything goes smoothly, and make sure everyone has an enjoyable, and most of all memorable experience.



1. As an organisation we want to obtain our hold on the Vespucci Canals.

2. Mercia is also planning on working on a contract between our business and other businesses or gangs of Los Santos, in the form of trading deals, and long term defensive pacts.

3. We are also going to strive for all of our members to own a home inside of Vespucci Canals as this is where the heart of our business lies.

4. We wish to expand our influence beyond the canals, on obtain assets at all locations with access to the sea.

5. We want a steady income to ensure the prosperity of all Mercia's members.




The higher ups

CEO - The Chief Executive Officer is the owner of Mercia, the CEO ultimately decides whether suggestions from the higher ups get implemented, who to go to war with, and who to ally. The CEO will mainly pass down orders to the higher ups who execute them.
Treasurer - The treasurer is the head of logistics, all matters concerning the treasury will be handled through the treasurer. This includes contributions from members into treasury, spending on imports, and other assets relevant to the faction as a whole. The treasurer also makes sure that the wealth generated from operations gets distributed equally depending on the effort of each participant.
CAO - The Chief Administrative Officer, is the head of the administration branch. He decides on promotions, diplomatic actions, and makes sure internal management operates as efficiently as it can be.
COO - The Chief Operations Officer, is the head of the security branch. This branch focusses on the defense of Mercia's assets. The COO is entrusted with all Mercia's fighting capabilities. He is in charge of training Mercia's fighting force, craft plans, and gather intelligence.

Management branch

Human Resources - Human Resources are the main force driving recruitment and administration, they recruit who they believe to be valuable, keep track of who joins and who leaves, how long they've been part of Mercia, and what their overall contribution is. The Human Resources team keeps a close eye on all Mercia's internal affair.
Supervisors - Supervisors  train and help small groups of Mercia's apprentices, they assist the Human Resources team in gathering internal intelligence, and serve as the eyes and ears of the higher-ups.

Security branch

Captain - The Captains are the strongest fighters of Mercia, they are completely trusted by Mercia's members members, including the higher-ups, to protect all that's dear to us. The captains are automatically part of a well trained special operations group, that fulfils Mercia's wishes in the shadows.
Guards - The guards are Mercia's foot soldiers. This group executes plans made by the COO, and makes sure the management team and higher-ups keep out of harms way. This group starts to receive
 training in strategies, shooting, and driving, to prepare them for the elite force.


Operatives - The operatives are in the final stages of their recruitment, they've shown skill and dedication towards Mercia, and will be evaluated on which branch suits them best.
Assistant - The assistants are still long way from reaching full membership into Mercia, however they're entrusted with a few more responsibilities, and will be under Mercia's protection.
Interns - These are brand new recruits who have not proved any worth to Mercia yet. They have no say in Mercia's affairs, and have to work hard to earn their place.









@frijfugel Formatting, writing, images

@KilleRabbit Graphics, huge help ❤️

@iAvengejjw Images

@HaminLord Writing

@MusketDeezNuts For all the feedback and support

All the Mercia members for the good times, pictures, and great feedback.

The community for all the support and feedback we've received, although we've changed quite a lot I hope you'll all still support us.


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