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Admin abuse Flucifial

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Player(s) being reported: Flucifial 
Date of rule breach:2019 1 17
Time of rule breach:2 h before this post

Your characters name: Arshia_jaksun
Other players involved: Johnthan_allen and another one dont know the name

Specific rule broken:MG 6.3 
6.3.3 relying IC infromation Through OOC methods....

How did the player break the rule?:you can see it all.

Evidence of rule breach: all of it under this.

Ok so how the story started i stole a insurgent behind PD building which was out of NCZ and it was under a bridge and went around to have fun with it as we were going around with it an really really nice admin called Fluciffal which i think he is under-aged he came to spectate us as we were in the car long story short we were driving up to rout 68 and me and my friend timed out so he finds the situation good to spawn his fellow players next to my friend ,a chopper and a insurgent next to each other as they shot at our car the admin had given the place of where were to the cops so they can shoot us and as this is called MG (metagaming) we can not mix IC with OOC and in a way to advantage others as he gave advantage to the other PD officers to come and kill us and as i connected to the server he have abused the situation to kill my friend in the insurgent and i should say that for the record that my friend was waiting for us till we connect again but he got shot from out of nowhere then he planned to get in high-ground to see what is going on when got to high-ground saw a chopper and insurgent then they Headshoted him with Snipe ... then when he asked Flucifial that why would they start shooting when his friends got timed out ? he says you had to stay there ... and if he had to stayed  were my friend and i got timeout he would have got shot and he was waiting there for us then he got injured and asked admin to rewind the rp but he refused and continued the rp with those two cops in there. then i got into the server then as i entered the insurgent when i got in the insurgent and i was going away he frozen me and told me that i have done VDM. Which you can see the footage down below.

As its in the footage i handle the car to the left and try to get out and the guy moves itself and gets hit by the side of the insurgent.
i don't think that this would be decision made on logic i think its made on rage by a young teenager which caused to 168 h which means one week banned from the server because of my second offence is this fair and logical ?
This lovely admin have banned two of my friends for no reason too First,He told him that he did DM but he didn't DM anyone ... then my friend got 168h ban for that ban which was his first offence tho !!
Second, my other friend At LSC he was chasing someone with his Sandking when he was exiting The LSC Flucifial got inside LSC with his car and went into my friend's sandking and after he did that he got out of the car without saying anything to him or asking him ,he turned on admin mode then warned and kicked my friend out of the server because of NON-RP.It seems that he has some problem understanding the rules he didn't say anything about pausing the rp he just did what he liked to do.
I know that other may have same situations with this friendly admin and i'm asking you guys to show the records or any evidence of this young boy here to make him stop. Date : 2019 1 17 Time: 2 h before this post.
Kind Regard,Arshia.
P.S: some screenshots of what he said to me and what i told him to.
He also told my friend that i should have watched my words lol. 










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when i was in the car and waiting for my friends to reconnect it was okay and they were allowed to shoot me  🙂 but when he comes and take the car to leave there would be a problem 🙂

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SWAT had an active situation at that scene. @Flucifial did not spawn the helicopter or the 2nd Insurgent as you state. We were conducting an operation on the bridge to the north east of the position of this video and the 2nd Insurgent was @ImChazaa's and the helicopter was @[email protected]'s. We were at that scene for about an hour before your friend drove up to it at which point Flucifal stopped you in your tracks.

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How does police gets out with and insurgent and a helicopter going to north for something and they end up seeing an stolen insurgent by chance ??! and also you are saying all of this was accident ? like to see my friend in the car by chance and then going to have an stop in a high ground by chance then sniping my friend by chance ?!? you are saying all of this is by chance ? how am i going to believe that ?! its not even something to be acceptable; lol many things happen accidentally now days 😄
And how they have been waiting in the same place for an hour ago which nobody where there to be an active scene ? and as soon as we , my friend and i, timed out which it took for like 3 or 5 min to came back to the server i found my friend dead on the ground in only 3 or 5 min what that supposed to mean ? Flucifial have advantaged the time out of me and my friend to kill my friend in the car by giving information to you guys and saying where we are he was in the car spectating us and started picking on us on every single thing.
why would anybody give such an responsibility to an under-aged kid which his acts are not complete yet and he can not make decisions on logic not on his feelings due to Facts.
And also @Roberto_Sanchez Don't think that you can release you friend flucifial from this.😉

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Thank you for making this report.

You and your other friend crashed, leaving your one friend (the original driver of the insurgent) alone. He decided, not to wait for you, but to return to a police scene. As he was driving a stolen police vehicle, he was shot by SWAT officer Charlie_Williams. You then return from your crash, run to the police scene (how you knew where that was is still beyond me, as you crashed ways away, could be metagaming), get into the insurgent, and running over Charlie_Williams, downing him, even though you didn't witness your friend get shot, but you seemed to think that since you had seen a cop with a gun next to your friend that you could hit him, that wouldn't be the case. You even laughed when you realized that you hit him. Your friend didn't want to wait for you guys to return, he just continued to go. Being that you had breached our VDM rule, I issued the 168-hour ban you're currently serving. 

Some points I'd like to add:

  • Just because I am "under-aged" doesn't mean I don't have the same authority as other Administrators. I am fully capable of enforcing our server rules on my own, which is why I issued your ban. The whole point is irrelevant, to be honest. I have punishment guidelines for me, placed by my Head Administrators, and yes I did issue the maximum sentence for a Normal Offense of VDM, as the roleplay I had just witnessed you being a part of, including going to the bank, and asking civilians to "get on their knees and suck your dick." Real good roleplay, right? Oh, and I'm the bad guy. 
  • You claim that I spawned the police officers vehicles, and spawned officers just for the sole purpose of ruining your experience. First of all, that isn't even remotely possible. Second of all, I value my administration position very much and would not let it go to waste just to mess with you guys. This was a serious roleplay scenario that you were very bad at roleplaying.
  • Your friend asked me why they would start shooting when your friend crashed, and I respectfully answered that I would allow it as you had driven a little bit of distance away from where your friends crashed and didn't even acknowledge that your friends had crashed until you had been shot. I told him that he must wait where his friends crash if he wishes to obey that rule or continue roleplay with his friends for the night. There were no shots going towards where he was driving around, drifting; even if there was, why would he drive towards gunfire?
  • I issued no non-roleplay punishments that night, in fact, after I concluded with your situation, I spectated @Denise C Helene_Charbonneau for a little bit before logging off for the night, which she can attest to. 
  • All in all, the very disrespectful attitude given to me in the game and in the forums is not appreciated by no administrator, it doesn't even matter who you direct it to. This poor attitude isn't going to give you a fun experience here, it'll just make you disliked.
  • My characters were never involved with this roleplay scenario, I was just simply a spectator as @[email protected]rOsborn claimed that you had been cop baiting and stealing vehicles from NCZ's. 
  • I was never in a voice chat with any of these cops at any time, in-fact I was not in a voice chat at all.

Thank you for allowing me my time to share my side of the story and reasoning behind the actions I took against you. This report will remain pending conclusion from @BallinByNature (Head of Administration) or @harmdone (Director of Administration).

Kindest Regards,
Eclipse Roleplay Administrator

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Hi, thanks for replying @Flucifial.
As it seems in here he have not spawned any one of players but he have revealed the situation to others by any other communication program or through game /pm to the police force.
So as you said my friend moved and didn't stop so you decided to reveal the OOC information that where we are to the police force so they shot my friend in the insurgent.
As my friend told me he was getting shot at from distance by an sniper as he gets close to the place that shots were coming from he dies by a bullet in his head and i'm asking how this have happened (the fact that he got shot by an sniper in a distance). We were driving around how could police find us and place a sniper and a chopper with each other in the same place waiting for us to pass that exact place to have an good sight to start shooting at the driver how could anybody have told them to be there how they have been there ready to take a shot ? somebody had to give information to them which have been in the car or and admin which have been spectating us nobody else could know that we were there which in this point i'm accusing Flucifial for Metagaming that he have done you are also saying "Your friend asked me why they would start shooting when your friend crashed, and I respectfully answered that I would allow it as you had driven a little bit" ,you allowed the police force to start shooting at the driver which i think its a pretty good evidence of your own words.
When i show up getting into the insurgent i didn't VDM the lady in front of the truck cause i had the right to do so because i had stolen a high valued SWAT vehicle that is restricted for civilians and police have KOS on any civilians who tries to steal or drive this vehicle. which it gave me a valid reason to VDM the player.
For the disrespectful attitude that you are saying i have gave to you could you line them for me or give me any screen shot of that cause all said to you as you told me not to say to people to get on their and suck my dick was a simple apologize that i said sorry and after you frozed me i didn't act disrespectful to you why are you excusing your acts because of the thing that i haven't done, I was mature and calm in the whole situation in game after you just banned me because of nothing, after i got banned for no reason that nobody likes to be banned for no accurate and exact reason and even giving a 168 h to an simple rule break that you gave me anybody else would be mad because of it and i'm not the only person saying that your acts are based on uncompleted feeling that you have in your age right which makes you be angry really really quick and can not decide on logic and it would be based on anger yet maybe they have seen something special in you that gave you this Administrator but not only by my opinion also others who have upvote this topic or the other dudes that have been kicked by you without any valid reason are saying this.
I'm kindly requesting you to be simply humble and logical to others at this situation cause i know and its visible that i haven't done something wrong and it was only because of your acts in game.Cause i don't want to be enemy to anybody.
Thanks for replying @BallinByNature.

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Hello, I was involved, Ballin is handling the appeal. PD had a hostage situation on the bridge of Route 68 (middle gas station) that had been going on for a few hours, hence why there were 3 snipers positioned on different angles of the bridge. The helicopter was mine which I had landed behind the houses for the sole purpose of it not being visible from the road neither the bridge. We were not there for you or your friend, you both came up to the situation that we were present at, please remove your tinfoil hat and comprehend that. 

The vehicle was originally parked inside a No Crime Zone so I don't know if it was stolen by anyone initially and moved or not, however, we received several reports about you and your friend going around acting in a Non-RP manner inside the insurgent, both by players and police officers. We received several reports that the insurgent was driving past PD honking and using its megaphone. Realistically, if someone ever in the future history manages to steal a S.W.A.T. vehicle they wouldn't be driving around the most populated areas of the city baiting a reaction from everyone, had you thought about any realistic role-play you'd use the vehicle more strategically


The above image is an image sent by a player to us, and this is just an example of poor role-play demonstrated. 

I'd like to quote this rule;


6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

I did not personally witness the events directly that happened after you met the S.W.A.T. team as I was staged in a different area, but I know that someone tried to run the officer over with the insurgent and ended up being banned for Vehicle Deathmatching.

All in all, my personal recommendation is that both you and your friend takes a second read of our server rules and the role-play guides that we have available on these forums, as they will hopefully teach you more in-depth role-play. 

- Osborn.

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I can confirm that Flucifial was spectating me for a long portion of time and what he said involving me is true. I can also confirm that we had a large hostage situation which spanned over the course of several hours, which players Ashkan Watson and Andrey Simanov, both who were part of the hostage takers, can also confirm. We were on Route 68 for a long time when the Insurgent pulled up on Charlie Williams.

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Hello, I just wanted to show the chats between me and Flucifial before the VDM.
The proof that i didn't acted disrespectful toward Flucifial in game only things i said before he frozed me was this 4 lines of sentence which i don't know how he says that it was disrespectful to him? i don't get it why he gave me the full time for VDM offence which he is saying it was because of me being disrespectful in game.
Maybe i have not understand all of the rules in this server,but i'm not excusing myself for a thing that i haven't done i simply said sorry after he gave me a warning and after he froze me i didn't act offensive or disrespectful toward him only after he banned me for 168 h i got shocked for because i haven't done VDM.
and for the poor role play i didn't know that if you act like a terrorist group is poor roleplay cause i have seen the jihadis in the game and they were alright.
Also i did not steal it from NCZ the car was after a bridge that passes the PD next to the parking building in the middle of the road,which i was able to bobby pin the car.
Still i do believe that flucifial had done MG,So i'm requesting a video from the situation that was happening in the middle gas station before we arrive.

Kind Regards, Arshia.

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y@Flucifial hey buddy thanks for answering this report but I should mention that I decided to wait but is there anything I can do when i am getting shot at by two snipers?

after taking those shots I decided to save my life...

and another thing about that situation: you specting us you saw those two guys timed out ... why didn't you tell those swat guys to stop till my friends reconnect and continue RP after?

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@GamingAlF "i had the right to do so because i had stolen a high valued SWAT vehicle that is restricted for civilians and police have KOS on any civilians who tries to steal or drive this vehicle. which it gave me a valid reason to VDM the player.
For the disrespectful attitude that "

A police officer gaining the ability to attack you for you stealing their car does not give you kos rights. That's like saying you can kos any victim you steal from. 


No metagaming took place & not even a coherent reason as to why you think that happened other than you guys ran into an ongoing police situation. 


Report repeatedly mentions Flucifials age which is irrelevant to the situation entirely. If you're so much more mature stop trying to use someones age to discredit them and use actual facts & evidence.


No rule breaking took place by reporter party & flucifial acted within our punishment guidelines when issuing vdm.


Report rejected. 

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