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Henry Magpier, Arta Logan 6.4: Powergaming

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Player(s) being reported: Henry Magpier , Arta Logan
Date of rule breach: 01/14/2019
Time of rule breach: 4:20-5:20 You will see one pay the other while in the cruiser cuffed and then admit to it over /b

Your characters name: Tony Wayland
Other players involved: Mathew Michelson ( Witness)

Specific rule broken:
6.4: Power Gaming 

How did the player break the rule?: Was paying each other the money they found during the arrest while in my cruiser, cuffed. This was done twice as seen in the video.
Martin Michelson will attest to this.

Evidence of rule breach:




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Previous video was too long and youtube wasn't letting me fix it

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Hey there, and hello, by the way 🙂

Thinkomancer (OOC) / Arta Logan (IC) here. I was looking forward to this thread, as I promised you in-game (OOC).

To start things off, I don't have any video footage of anything in-game, even though I'm a streamer. I have a lot of spare time, but don't have a lot of SSD space.

Anyways, here's what happened: the dude, player behind "Henry Magpier" entered my Discord server right before "Henry" paid YOU'r character the money in HIS pocket (my "Arta Logan" is now un-jailed and I'm waiting for this matter to get resolved so he can get rid of the 701 dollars that's "weighing in his pocket". funny thing is, he just asked me whether it's against the rules to do that and then left my Discord and didn't wait for me to finish my sentence (sure a character who's handcuffed can't do sht, let alone pay someone money without them noticing). this was all before our characters were even in the backseat of the cruiser. there was no money transfer in the cruiser, that I know of. the player behind "Henry" called my Discord again, after he got into jail, and I assured him that there would be a report for PG in the forums and he should check there regularly. (see? I'm always obedient to the rules. EZ). that's all I have to say, and again, I don't have any video evidence of it (if I have to record every bit of my gameplay in order to be allowed to play a certain game, I rather not play it at all, but I don't think it's necessary for every case in Eclipse).

As for the other dude who was on your side in this scenario, he's posted another report in the forums, which I've answered, respectively. his idea for IC sounds pretty cool (I don't like snitches in general, but he's okay). hope the player finds peace within himself ^^ (it's gonna be a bit hard, though)

Have a nice day, and I hope this matter gets resolved soon ("Arta Logan is going to leave the prison area for the time being, but "Thinkomancer" will remember that the amount discussed here is "701 US Dollars". no more. no less. and he's more than happy to make "Arta" pay it to the first female officer who will come to confiscate it 🙂 )


EDIT: this matter is closed for me, until consideration and replies from an admin/mod/support. stop patronizing and cluttering report threads.

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I can confirm that story me and two of my friends were at this situation and we saw they are passing each other money because /AME will notify us that action

@superdaxter and @GoldenEye can confirm this story too!

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but as I see it, my in-game ID is a bit different. dude you can't outright lie to people that won't take you far in life... I think that was the officer paying "Henry". pay more attention to things. don't lie. improve your English, learn ethics, and maybe I can count you as a "casual player". I still don't respect people like you. not because of the "snitch" role (that's IC business), but because you're trying to get me banned so hard and are failing in such an embarrassing manner :^)

p.s. sorry for not taking time to compress that image. I don't have time, to be honest :3


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