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Mask 3165_6220, Mask 9438_7093 , Mask 8343_8045 Kill on sight (7.4.1)

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This is a repost, of this complaint, but this has more evidence. 


Player(s) being reported: Mask 3165_6220, Mask 9438_7093 , Mask 8343_8045

Date of rule breach:2/JAN/2019

Time of rule breach: 12;20 UTC

Your characters name: Nicholas Harm

Specific rule broken: Kill on sight (7.4.1)

How did the player break the rule?: Killing on sight without role play

Evidence of rule breach:




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I can get more footage too, this shows me at a Del Perro car meet and me not messing with the guys who claim they had a reason to shoot me. They are not even in any of the video till LSC


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