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Ballin, you are delusional.

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The Shadow Cartel no longer exists in ECRP.


The Shadow Cartel is now a gaming community, as we do not approve of how you run your server and the founders and higher ups of our organization have no intention of continuing to play on it. Trying to claim our discord is still an ECRP platform, when we kicked all of the admins out, is about as delusional and desperate as you can get to try and maintain control over one of the best gangs the server has seen in some time. Which, mind you, is exactly the reason we did not give ownership of the discord to you. You are power hungry, childish, and predictable.


We left, get over it.


The Shadow Cartel was never yours. You have no claim to the shadow cartel, and you never did. But, the fact you threw a tantrum about it and banned @TommyV because he didn't give you owner rights, just shows how childish you are. You had all admin permissions, every staff member did, but because you couldn't be owner, you lashed out.


Now, you are continuing to punish people for things they say on a platform that is unrelated to your server... Honestly, dude.... Get a life.


Ballin is behaving like a child, because he's upset one of the largest and most established gangs on the server decided to take their business elsewhere.


Paired with my forum report on you (which you broke rules and archived yourself) and my discussion thread (where 70% of players agree that you are unfit for head admin). It's obvious you are too emotional and immature to be in your position.


Go ahead and ban me ballin, I know you will. You will only be proving my point.

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Shadow Cartel recruited members on our platform (Eclipse Roleplay) and then got our members onto their discord, and later proceeded to server advertise another community on this same discord, can you not understand that this is wrong? If Shadow Cartel's discord's members came from outside of Eclipse and their discord was never advertised on our platform, it would've not been an issue, but in this case, Shadow Cartel got members from our community onto your discord and then proceeded to server advertise. 

Good riddance I say. 


- Osborn.

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Um your leader was banned for lying about transfering ownership of the discord that was built by recruiting players from our platform & formally agreeing to transfer ownership when becoming official. We dont care if you plan to continue playing here or not but once a faction becomes official they agree to their discord being an Eclipse platform.


I also wasnt the one who banned Tommy nor Ashley nor recommended either or those things but I dont disagree with them either so while I understand you dont like me this post is extremely misinformed and misguided.


Your forum reports and prior complaints were all reviewed and dealt with. As I explained then leaders removing players for breaking ooc rules is allowed and is not a result of me metagaming which is quite a stretch considering I did not remove any players from their respective reactions their leaders did. Sorry that you feel mistreated because I didn't have a developer tell you that, despite you creating 3 or 4 new discussion posts until one did. 


Have a nice day.

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