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Jake Jackson ($84.000)

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Character Name being Refunded: Jake Jackson
Date and Time of Incident: Throughout the month of December.

Requested Refund (What and how much):84,000 before tax

Description Of Incident resulting in Loss: SADOCs paycheck were not functional through the month of December, our salary % would keep on increasing however we did not receive any money.

Evidence of Loss: https://gyazo.com/b4a9043daf3922d93701e7d0d05ef620

Comments: 14 Paychecks missed on a $6000 salary.
Edited by paulo
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Thank you for posting this refund request.

After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided that you cannot receive a refund for any of the item(s) from your refund request.

  • You've failed to receive your refund within the given 30-day time-frame.

This decision is final. Unless instructed too, if you post another refund request pertaining to this incident you will be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period.


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