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Ban appealing Andrey Magnetov AKKAZO

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Account name: AKKAZO
Character name(s): Andrey Magnetov

Admin who issued punishment: Lewis
Date of punishment: 09/Aug/2018 20:43
Reason given for punishment: Not here for RP/Excessive Toxicity


Your explanation of what happened:It was before 5 months so I just remember the main things not a small minutiae.
So I remember when one guy tried to stole car and I said stop and hands up  (I was with gun with my friend together and he refused RP) and then he started to run 
we followed him and shot maybe 3 times in his legs and he still tried to run and suddenly cops arrived in that place and started to shoot us without any RP :))))
then they shot me 4 times everywhere in my body and I RP ed that I'm already dead but one pd who thinks he is god revived me in 10 sec (wow amazing so realistic)
then I started to insult him OOC and asked what are u doing? I RP ed my death I got shot 4 times (I called admin and he said that they hit me 4 times) and that cop
who revived me! I shot him 7 times!!! So how he can revive me when he was injured??? in OOC talked with him a lot of thinks asked how it's impossible but he refused RP
and arrested me when I was dead 😄 and when he got 7 bullets in his body. SO WHO WOULDN'T BE MAD AT THIS SITUATION JUST ANSWER ME? PD THINKS THEY ARE GODS CAN DO EVERYTHING.
So at that moment I really was mad and insulted because firstly one guy didint RP ed with us then PD didint? is this is DM server? I don't think so and of course pd called 
PD admin and he banned me because they are friends and in that moment I was mad and I was insulting in OOC... That admin could come from beginning and he would probably
just warned PD that he refused RP with me and that's all but he came when I was angry and that's why he banned me and it's my fault that I can't be calm in situations like 
this because I hate when people abusing their duty service and they can do everything like PD. IRL I have job where people can't do that and we are trained to don't do 
that (I'm soldier) and If somebody do that we are forced to look for justice. So in this situation PD refused RP two times and abused their status. So I hope you understand
me now that PD were wrong two times and that's why I tried to find truth and everything started from one idiot who refused RP when tried to stole a car.


Post any evidence or further details:


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Yes I did multiple. But because I want to play here again. as i said I was angry in that sit cuz at first one guy refused RP with us then PD refused twice so I asked OOC how can they do that and so on. Yes I see what's wrong I started OOC with them when they "RP ed" If it's possible to say cuz they rejected my RP death. I RP ed that I got 4 bullets in my body and I'm dead already and they ignored that and PD with 7 wounds came and healed me in 10 sec that's possible too yes? So from my side what I did wrong is that I started to OOC then insult them and spammed. But nothing would be happened but they refused to RP first and then I started to find truth and still they ignored me. I know that if somebody breaks a rule I can't break it too but only who was punished it was me so I was angry AF at that moment that they broked the rules. But ok everybody do mistakes and I'm sorry from my side that I insulted them and tried to find truth OOC. 

Edited by AKKAZO

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