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Zemaitc - Vito_Magelanni (Warning Appeal)

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Account name: Zemaitc
Character name(s): Vito Magelanni

Admin who issued punishment: Hazel(on the forum) MarcoD (on the admin logs)
Date of punishment: 11/01/2019
Punishment received: Warning for Non-Rp driving 

Reason given for punishment: driving his vehicle while he had already started chopping it

Your explanation of what happened:
I was chopping a car in the chopshop and I moved it while /chopshop command was active and I moved it too far from the /chopshop area

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
After I saw the decision I was quite surprised, asked couple of more experienced players than me and they also admitted that they have never seen a warning like this before.
Firstly, in my entire 120k experience of gameplay, streams that I have watched and forum reports that I have read through the 6-7 months I have never ever 
seen a single person to be warned/punished for this or anyone to complain about this. I have been chopping vehicles for a long time, have seen admins on /aduty in the
 area, have seen PD officers which some of them are staff members and they have never ever warned a single person for moving a vehicle that is being chopped.
 Secondly, lets say PD has shown up in the chopshop, what do the crimanals do? They run away with the vehicles they are in chopping, never seen a complaint 
about it from PD side. Thirdly, lets say a real owner of the car comes and successfully retrieves it back, what does he do, he just sits in it and drives away 
like with a brand new car from a dealership which would be unrealistic by this definition of the warning, he should call mechanics then?? Furthermore, when 
the /chopshop command gets activated, it states to not leave the AREA for approx 8 mins for the chop to be successful, doesnt say anything about not moving. 
And finally, how does one even determine at what state the current chopping is, because lets say my car has been started chopping and parts like windows, 
doors, hood, exaust pipe , etc. firstly gets removed - parts that are not essential for a car to be moving. Until essential parts like engine, transmission,
 wheels gets removed then yeah car is not able to move anymore but the current chopshop do not provide such information.Chopshop itself doesnt freeze the car or stall
 the engine after like 5mins of chopping. I could even ask why farmers or weed plant growers were not warned for non rp while doing this work during winter season in the 
Los Santos if to be really picky :).
my admin log record is clean and I would like to stay it that way because I play by the rules, I try to teach others in my faction how to handle situations better and
play by the rules that exist. 
I understand it is just a warning, but I find this warning really unjustified to me or Maruse Priviet who received the same warning. Anyone who has ever visited chop, probably
moved their vehicle in it so thats like ~ 80 percent of player base or even more has done the same and never had any issues with this. Really hope you undertand my point of view, have a good day 🙂     

Post any evidence or further details:

Original report: 

If this is coming as a new punishable act in the upcoming rulebook, then it should be only given after the players gets to read the new rulebook not beforehand.

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Well, yeah, technically, but also, as I stated, there is no way to determine in which condition the car is at the moment while chopping. I was not doing the donuts in the area (which also happens), I reacted to the shots that happened and moved a bit back and forth. Simple example of common people movement in the chop is when someone new comes in the chop, he sees the wheels spinning on the cars which is annoying and asks for others to move a bit to cancel the visual glitch, so people move a bit.  Also taking parts rply could be the black market workers of the chopshop and I am just sitting there waiting for my money cuz I might not even be the specialist to tear apart a vehicle in parts. I see this can be further discussed in the server suggestions and will probably try to make one to prevent people getting warnings/punishments for acts like this.

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@Zemaitc, thank you for making this appeal.

If the game/script allows you to drive your car away after using /chopshop then it is not considered NonRP and should not be punished. To clarify, some actions that the game/script allow you to do, such as driving a super car up a mountain, are not punishable until further notice. However the game will allow you to drive your car off of a stunt jump ramp but we consider that NonRP in the rulebook. I hope this answers your concerns. 

Appeal Accepted

Locked & Archived

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