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Khangluong - Kane Smith (Ban Appeal)

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Account name: khangluong
Character name(s): Kane Smith

Admin who issued punishment: Flucifial and MusketDeezNuts 
Date of punishment: 01/10/2019
Punishment received: 2 days and then permaban

Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching and not responding to forums 

Your explanation of what happened:
I was ban for DM and for not replying for RP. Then I found I was permaban for the next day for not responding to RP. 
I want to explain why I wasn't able to RP because my game froze and I DM the admin on discord to tell him that my game 
froze and that I can't RP but he never replied to my discord dm and when I rejoin I found that I was ban for two days. 
After that the next day I found out that I was permaban for not rping on the forum, but I didn't know I was reported on the
forums because the admin never told me that I was reported on the forums and he never replied to my discord DM. Until I joined 
the sever again the next day, I found out that I was permaban for not responding to the forum. 

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
I undertstand that I was deathmatching and I have learn from that mistake. I understand that why I was ban for 2 days but getting
perma ban after a few hours without knowing that I have to answer a forum report is something that I don't understand and I didn't know that I was warned or reported on forums 
until I logined into the gaming saying that I was permaban for not responding to forums. I also didn't have an account on eclipse forum until I found out I was perma ban so I made one to appeal my ban.
I feel like no one should be perma ban for not responding to a forum report that the person didn't know existed. But I have learned from this and that I would always check my 
eclipse panel to see if I have a report going on so I wouldn't get ban like this. This is why my appeal should be accepted. God Bless this server!!!

Post any evidence or further details:


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As for your DM part of the appeal, because that is what I banned you for. I was driving down the street after JUST logging on for the first time the day and get shot at by you on the high balcony, and shooting at someone else too. To me, it just looked like you were just shooting people because you thought you wouldn't get your ID caught. You didn't give me any valid reason for shooting at me, the reason you provided was that you were trying to kill a gang member.

I recommend my punishment remain in place. 

Pending @MusketDeezNuts for his part of the appeal.


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Hello and thank you for appealing.

thank you deer co-staff @Hazel and @Flucifial for the tag.

I shall be typing this on my phone as I am at work and the links are in my history. Please excuse me for this weird looking comment as I can only create a big space on my phone.

I helped Senior Support member @Grape to handle multiple forum reports as they cannot do them alone.

This is the report in question. In the video without any roleplay involved you punch someone of a citybee (deathmatch and nonRP) As she made a report. She tried to contact you OOCly to tell you, you just broke an rule. What is perfectly fine as its even recommanded to do so in the rules. To see if you can solve it together on a mature level. 

You then respond with messages saying she has to learn the rules or something along those lines. And you are general toxic in the PMs. While that player tried to talk normal to you.

I then checked your previous admin logs and saw you are banned for deathmatch hours before. And you would recieve your offense 2, an 72 hour ban. And not only the DM if I remember correctly you also had a previous NonRP.

I decided to issue a "Not here to RP" after seeing you had:

a previous DM charge hours before, the way you interacted with the person on the citybee. (Non excistent) and then the poor OOC behavior and telling this person to read the rules. Show me you dont know the rules yourself. And you are not here to roleplay at all. (You been send back to the quiz in the past too)

The actions you did in the video is something you would see in GTA: Online. We do not want this behavior in our community. 

I hope you shall learn from this.

I suggest the Not here to RP charge and the others to remain in place. And the person to not be unbanned for a period of two weeks. After an new appeal wil be made around that time. 

I know its a harsh punishment and I do not like to give it. But I think its the best way for you to learn.

Pending @Grape for a small response with her side.


PS: if the appeal gets accepted. Please apply the Deathmatch offense #2. (If the appeal is handled before that time runs out)

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Hello and thanks for appealing.

Nothing more I can say that hasn't already been said. We went over each video multiple times and it's clear that your OOC attitude is poor, telling them to "read the guides" and saying "you don't have any evidence" or something along those lines. I agreed with Musket's reasoning behind issuing a "Not here to RP" and now here we are.

I also agree that you should be allowed a second chance, so I think going with Musket's option of waiting two weeks before appealing again would be a great way for you to catch up on the guides and rulebooks before coming back

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Hey, thank you for appealing. Due to the recent incidents, I must ask you to appeal no earlier than February 10th, 2019.

During this time, make sure that you re-read our server rules & any RP guides available on the forums.

- Osborn.

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