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Antonio Vitto [warn appeal]

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first of all i say this to every staff member i meet. Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to provide a fair play amazing experience


Character name(s): antonio vitto, alex drake

Admin who issued punishment: skiperz

Date of punishment: jan 17th

Punishment received: warning

Reason given for punishment
Fear RP Punishment | Realistically, there would be no "typing" in an actual situation but for the game & server limitation, and RP. During the "typing", you must act as if the other party had not stopped whatever they were doing before hand; whether it is aiming a gun at you, frisking you, talking to you.. etc, and you must allow them time to finish whatever they are typing then you're free to resume progressing your RP scenario.

Your explanation of what happened: i don't deny from watching the video i provided studying to see if a rule was broken you can see from the video i stood up an ran as he started typing.


From my POV during the heat of the moment i honestly did not see him typing. the glare of the sun or in game light settings prevented me during the heat of the moment from seeing the light colored text come up that he started typing.  i saw him stop walking with his gun down and stopped issuing demands some time before that and i ran.


Why should your appeal be accepted?:  I am asking for a benefit of the doubt that i honestly didn't see him begin to type at no fault of my own the light an shading prevented me during the altercation from seeing.  When watching the video again imagine being in the same situation and during the heat of the moment getting ready to run seeing a opportunity.   Vs watching a video replay closely in hind sight to see if a rule was broken, i admit from the video its clear as day what happened. In the heat of the moment i honestly did not see that and it was unintentionally done as i know this is one of the most basic rules and i unintentionally broke it

Post any evidence or further details:  i will provide the un edited video to show the whole thing but i would like to dm the link as there could be sensitive information but i believe it provides clearer proof

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