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New small Graphics Shop!

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Welcome to my graphics shop.


My name is William Newman, I used to do graphics for many people in the city of Los Santos. As an example, different car dealerships hired me to do their logos for them amongst others AutoRepairs. I also did work for private persons who wanted their logo done or who wanted me to take photos of their properties for sale. I am by no means a professional, and i am just doing this buisness for fun and to become better at graphics 🙂


I offer logos for you or your buisness, signatures, icons, photos and any sort of graphics work you might need.


Price: Whatever you offer me and think my work is worth


I can be contacted on my phone at any time of the day, just send me a message and i’ll respond as quickly as possible((Discord: skrrt#7553))


Here is a few quickly made examples of what i have made, all pictures and edits are taken by me

Wallpaper i made


Wallpaper logo


Banner example


Banner example #2




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Just now, Borke said:

This looks awsome mate,I would like one for me,can you give me your Discort name please?

Discord is in the post but its: skrrt#7553 🙂

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