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Motorcycles and Jerrycans

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Apologies if this suggestion has been made in the past but I have noticed that when you buy a jerrycan from a general store and use it, it doesn't fill your vehicle up by liter/gallon, but by a flat 25%. This causes motorcycles to get screwed over in terms of the cost relative to the benefit of the jerrycans. If we take the fuel tank of an F-150, the standard size is 87 Liters, whereas if we take a bike such as the CBR 600, its tank size is 18.2Liters. Taking this into account ingame it is far less realistic and it is clear that the drivers of cars and trucks benefit far more from jerrycans than motorcycle riders.

So my suggestion is to make the jerrycans refuel by a set volume, and not a flat%.


Motorcycle before Jerrycan




Car before


Car after




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