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Weapon dealerships

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Hey! my idea is it to make weapon dealerships, like car dealerships with a discord and all organazied, and that the guns need a special permit and shit post your ideas and thoughts in the comments please!

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9 minutes ago, Pvle said:

-1, why for gun shop discord? if those guns is legal and there is no point of making them.

I would like these heavy guns to be only allowed from gun stores,  and not from illegal things so like they can check the license on your gun and if its carved out you get arrested

because not everyone can get heavy guns and that would be  a way to provide equality between players

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Heavy weapons beyond handguns are not legal, you'll need to find them ICly

Car shops have Discords because they take orders, prices change and it costs more to import a vehicle where gun stores are managed in-game more like stores I believe. Car dealers used to loose stock on server restart, I don't think they do anymore though.

I would actually like to see Vehicle dealerships better managed or automated where you can order a car there and have it delivered in a few hours or a day when approved by the owner, at that point you would have already put half down and would only be tied to you. A suggestion for another time though.

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