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Inesiux - Inesa Taylor - permament banned

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Account name: inesiux
Character name(s): Inesa Taylor

Admin who issued punishment: Dingus0 , NBDY
Date of punishment: 1/11/2019
Punishment received: Permanent Ban
Reason given for punishment: Nothere to RP | NBDY 

Your explanation of what happened: Me and 2 of my friend's was driving around the city and I said I'm going to AFK and leave me at car, when I came they was trying to rob random guy who was passing driving license. So I got permament banned for no reason, because I was doing nothing.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: I was AFK in car when my friend was driving it and I did nothing. So I think I have to be unbanned.

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I don't really know what they wanted to do but they said we gonna rob someone on streets, and when we was driving around city I said I'm going AFK, when i came they was stopped so I left car and random guy just VDM'ed me on bridge.

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