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Jon Weaver (Ban Appeal)

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Account name: Logandaboss3
Character name(s):Jon_Weaver

Admin who issued punishment: Flucifial
Date of punishment: 01/10/18
Punishment received: VDM #4

Reason given for punishment:
I VDMED and disobeyed the admins

Your explanation of what happened:
From what I remember I had just gotten out of jail for along time and I was with some friends and we all had the same looking car and I didnt understand why I was stopped by an admin and I didn't understand what was happening and some random people said I ran them over even though I didn't and we were in a 30 minute admin sit and I had to go but no one would let me so I got pissed off for being stuck in a sit for something I didn't do so i ran away jumped in there truck ran everyone over and got off in rage I then I logged back in and it said that I was perm banned so I just said fuck it and stopped playing for awhile.
Why should your appeal be accepted?:
Me and my irl friends were reminiscing on how fun the server was also because I won't do it again and I really miss playing on this server the last time I submitted a form to join back Flucifial said that I caused a lot of in game cash to be spent and I wouldn't mind spending a in game fine to play again.


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