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Shayan19, Shayan_Venom, ( Ban appeal )

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Account name:shayan19

Character name(s):Shayan_Venom

Admin who issued punishment:Musket

Date of punishment: 2019 10 January

Punishment received: time ban , 1 week

Reason given for punishment: Deathmatch

Your explanation of what happened: After a shootout, we told him to leave ( VOIP ) but they just stay there, then when we tried to stop them, they tried to escape, after that,the black guy started shooting at us, i just tried to kill him but this blue guy stay front of my point, it was a mistake, i dont want to kill him..

Why should your appeal be accepted?: because, i dont want kill him, i just want shoot that black guy... but he got shot, it was a mistake.

Post any evidence or further details:


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Hello and thank you for making an appeal.

Typing this on my phone so excuse the spelling and weird format. (At work. Trying to not get caught..)

If you pull the trigger. Your responsble for who you hit or not. If you got no shot. Then take cover or change position for a clear shot. You also used no ingame chat. Its also up to the attacker to make sure the demands arrived. By VOID and/or Chat.

We also got no solid defense in the report. 

Pending @Grape for his response.

PS: sorry for the late response. I been very busy these past few days.

Edited by MusketDeezNuts

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Hello and thanks for appealing.

I have nothing further to add, as @MusketDeezNuts said it's your responsibility for who you hit and unfortunately it wasn't the correct person, Even if the person you hit wasn't the one that you intended, at the end of the day, they were still shot without reason.

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