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Mechanic requests / calls

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This is an another suggestion I even have discussed with some people. Basically, an idea for an updated /mechanic.

Now, people can use the command /mechanic to "call" for a mechanic. It's similar to what taxi used to have back in the day, just a command. Quite a while ago DCC got a phone number you will have to call for a taxi. This was somehting I was happy to see as it makes more sense.

I've been a mechanic on thhis server for arond 6 months now and the way of requesting a mechanic has never changed. People can use /mechanic even without a phone or others seeing you requested one. I even had requests saying "I am getting robbed, please come fast!". Basically, people using the command to request help as there is no RP bound to that command and no one else can see you requested one.

I personally think other factions (actually not only mechanic shops) should get a phone number like DCC got. 

What I was thinking about for mechanics:
- Pull phone out and call 4444
- When phone gets answered you get the options to ask for: Towtruck or Roadside. Basically, the option to get a towtruck or requesting a truck for a roadside repair.
- After saying what you want you can give a description of the situation you are in.
When the call is ended mechanics should get (just like DCC got) a message in the chat with the option the caller requested, mechanic request ID (to respond to) and the description the person left.

This way when someone is asking for a roadside repair it makes more sense having the parts and tools brought with you that are needed and will prevent people "abusing" the command.

Another thing I would like to see added:
small cooldown for doing those requests!
A lot of people like to spam our requests by doing /mechanic [message], walk out of the area and simply do /mechanic again. This is very annoying as it's simply possible people are not able to help out for multiple reasons.

Please let me know what you think.

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